How to Score A(s) in SPM Chemistry (3 Berry Berry Easy Level) : MPM

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How to Score A(s) in SPM Chemistry (3 Berry Berry Easy Level) : MPM

M – Memory level: You must memorise the 3 important notes in Chemistry Kung Fung Manual which is ‘formulae of common cations and anions’; ‘reactivity series’ and ‘periodic table’ and try to make it as your pocket notes. View your pocket notes everyday! Then construct the empirical formula of various ionic compounds.

P – Practice level: You must practice some calculation questions on Mole Concept and Molarity (solution). Besides that, you MUST attempt some SPM past year papers and other states’ trial papers*. It is important for you to familiarise the ‘pattern’ of the SPM questions. Try to get few friends to practice the questions together (form study groups). It will save a lot of time in revision if everybody chips in.

M – Mastery level: You must be able to write chemical equation and balanced them in the equation. You will love it because it is so berry berry easy! Next, try to pay more attention during experiment sessions (PEKA). It is important for you to get ‘perfect score’ in Paper 3 (The berry berry easy paper in Chemistry Paper). Berry Berry Teacher also recommends you to prepare reports on extra experiments (beside the PEKA experiments that your teacher insisted on you to hand in). It will help you in writing the essay (Q3 – P3).

After reading these notes, you will find that Chemistry is a Berry Berry Easy subject to learn and you will definitely score A in SPM Chemistry!

*Trial papers are available for download from

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