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by BerryBerryTeacher

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Berry Berry Teacher was surfing around the net to look out for like minded teachers with resource sites to help student. So in the midst of surfing the internet, filtering spam sites, identifying good sites and finding the best of the resourse sites for student, I have come across two certified berry good sites which all students should also visit in addition to Berry Berry Easy.

The other two sites which are shown in the Berry Link sidebar are:

  1. Cikgu Naza’s blog - Resources are available for science and mathematics subjects for Form 1-5 (Malaysia Education System).
  2. Cikgu Nurul’s blog - Resources are available for PMR science subjects.

Berry Berry Teacher wants to recommend all students to bookmark the two recommended sites in addition to up-and-coming, newly established Berry Berry Easy

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April 7, 2010
April 8, 2010

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