10 Things to Do on SPM/STPM Examination Day

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Dear students who are taking STPM and SPM in the year 2009,

Berry Berry Easy wants to wish all of you “Best of luck for your exams”. Not wanting to take up your precious time, so we will be just reminding you all on 10 pointers before you head for the exam hall (things you have heard for 100 times, but let this be reminder no. 101):

10 things I did as a student on examination day when I took my SPM exams in 2000. Valid for STPM too. (Dos and don’ts)

  1. Do get adequate rest the day before exams. It does not need to be 8 hours as widely published but try to sleep the same amount of time you have been getting all year long.
  2. Do have breakfast. Just remember not to eat anything too heavy or anything that hinders your mind from thinking. (Sugar-boost is a big no-no. Energy drinks is out of the question too)
  3. Do bring a watch and set the time 10 minutes early. So that you might be able to push yourself a little bit but not enough to make you panic. (Also just in case the clock on the wall is not functioning)
  4. Do bring extra stationery. Extra pens and pencils. If you have extra calculator lying at home, bring them too. (But nothing illegal please)
  5. Do arrive early. Sometimes the unexpected might happen. You want to arrive a bit earlier to calm your nerves.
  6. Don’t walk to school if it is an afternoon. During the time when walking to school was the norm, many complained headaches during afternoon papers after they had their routine walk to school under the scorching sun. (It seemed like it is the rainy season, so you’ll more probably get drenched)
  7. Do remember to place your identification cards the day before the exams because you will be needing it. Some students failed to bring their identification cards and had to go through the trouble of identity verification.
  8. Don’t ask your friends exam related questions at the last minute, it will only make them panic. And they will in turn make you panic. Lose-lose situation.
  9. Don’t even think of cheating. You will get caught. But one non-cheating technique is to write things that you might forget on the question sheet the moment you are allowed to touch your pen. (Especially useful for memorising subjects)
  10. Do all your pre-exam rituals such as wishing your friends good luck, praying, hiding in isolation, going to toilet or anything which can bring you confidence or “luck”.

So there you go, things that you have heard for a million times. One last recap for you.

by Jo-Han (your new contributor)

PS: Special wishes to all SMK Dato Jaafar students taking the two major exams tomorrow.

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