Open letter to Form 6AFZ Class of 2009 of SMK Dato’ Jaafar – by Miss Isabelle Wong

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An open letter to Form 6AFZ Class of 2009 from SMK Dato’ Jaafar – 10th November 2009

Dedicated to my beloved Form 6AFZ Class of 2009 from SMK Dato’ Jaafar,

Form 6AFZ Class 2009 - SMK Dato Jaafar

Form 6AFZ Class 2009 - SMK Dato Jaafar

It has been a pleasure teaching all of you (yeah, all 18 of you) bubbly and lovable young adults for the past one and a half year. However, time waits for no man, it flies. And now we have reached the last stage of our chanced and fated union. The final week in class however will not be a time for nostalgic feelings or solemn goodbyes. It should be more of a time to be putting in some final effort to carve out a bright future through the biggest examination of your lives.

It may not be trouble-free sailing all year long between us, but there should be no doubt that the best of my efforts have been done to share knowledge with you all. I hope all of you have gain some knowledge in the process. Let me tell you this, I may be the teacher, but I have also learnt a great deal from all of you.  You might not believe this, but it is no lie, my beloved students.

The end of your school life might be near, but the journey ahead is still far and long. Some will be taking the conventional path, some will take the path less travelled. Either way, your first step into adulthood starts with doing well in your STPM exams. Doing well do not grant you a guaranteed future, but it will illuminate your path greatly.

So I will advise you to put in all your efforts in the final moments and perform to your best. Do not lose hope, because daring to dream is one half of success. Do not lose hope also, for I believe in the ability of all of you. And do not lose hope, as you are better than what you think you are.

So, forget about all the burden placed upon your shoulders to do well in your exams, you only need to do well in your STPM for yourself and no one. I wish you all the best from the bottom of my heart.

Yours sincerely,

Miss Isabelle Wong


The characters of the class:

The characters in the class

The characters in the class

From the photo (No.14 is a PR of the class):

  1. Samuel Hon, has the sweetest mouth
  2. Choo Sien Nien, my neighbour
  3. Ching Yong Han, the Wushu President – very persistent at asking question (good for future studies)
  4. Yeo Zhi Cheng, the treasurer – good at psychoing other people’s brains
  5. Pua Eng Hock – even more persistent than No.3 but also very patient
  6. Penny, the most disciplined among the lot
  7. Chua Rui Xian, the most quiet among all
  8. Li Yuan, left-handed and very cheerful, could brighten up the class
  9. Pushpah, the most beautiful and can speak fluent mandarin
  10. Berry Berry Teacher, Miss Isabelle Wong, the fortunate teacher of this bunch
  11. Tee Zhi Wei, class monitor – has both the brains and brawns
  12. Andrew Peh, first Berry Berry Easy member :-) – a charming gentleman
  13. Wee Pei Yee – Gf of No.17 <3 – loves Japanese stuffs
  14. Poh Yee, Berry Berry hardworking girl
  15. Lim Soo Khoon – loves Gundam and Japanese animation
  16. Arul – the handsomest among all – can charm lower 6 girls
  17. Teh Kai Hong – Bf of No.13 <3 – very attentive and sweet guy to No.13
  18. How Tien Sem, Black belt in Tae Kwon Do (there seemed to be a lot of fighters in the class)
  19. Radin – A low-profile student who has a lot going on in his active mind
  20. Kumar (not in photo) – Has the uncanny knack of being able to produce the right answers when asked

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