SPM/STPM 2009 Reminders – Things to bring

by BerryBerryTeacher

in Berry Announcement

Seeing the chaotic scenario of today’s Pengajian Am/General Paper where essential items are not brought into the examination hall, Berry Berry Easy would like to remind all examination candidates to bring the following items.

SPM/STPM 2009 Last-minute Reminder – Things to bring

  1. Calculator
  2. Ball point pen (Blue/Black)
  3. Pencil
  4. Identification card
  5. Berry Berry fresh brain
  6. Berry Berry confidence

At the minimum, please bring the first four items. Best of luck. (Pack them in your bags now)

[Edit: BerryBerryEasy wish to add one more thing to bring. A motto!!! I hope Andrew won't mind that I borrow his ex-school's motto, "Forever Forward" for recommendation to Berry Readers for the duration of this exams.]

[Edit No.2: Forever Forward is an excellent motto during exams as irrespective of how you do in your last paper, you should always focus on the task ahead. However, it is also my personal opinion that in general life, sometimes we must also find a quiet place and reflect back on the past, in order to find a brighter future.]

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