STPM Chemistry 2009 – Tips and Predictions for Papers 962/1 and 962/2

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The most important time of your life in your whole national school career is approaching with the imminent arrival of the STPM examinations. Hence, to help our berry berry faithful readers, Berry Berry Teacher will be sharing some prediction and tips for the upcoming STPM Chemistry 2009 paper. If you are looking to spot possible questions, you have come to the right place. (Remember that, spotting questions and working on predicted topics should not be your main studying method, understanding everything remains the better bet)

So to start things off, all Berries (yeah, that’s you my Berry Reader) should be revising the topics according to the priority. There are some Berry Important Topics (BIT) which you must not skip. Berry Berry Teacher has analysed some BIT for the young berries to revise on.


Prediction for STPM Chemistry 2009 Paper 962/1

Physical Chemistry

  1. Chemical Bonding (2 – 5 questions / average ~ 3 questions). Berry Berry Easy questions.
  2. Equilibria* (1 – 9 questions / average ~ 5 questions). In recent years (2005 -2008), this has become a BIT that you must fully understand it. Usually involves calculations and chemistry concepts.
  3. Electrochemistry (1 – 4 questions / average ~ 3 questions)

Organic Chemistry

  1. Hydrocarbon* (2 – 5 questions / average ~ 4 questions)
  2. Hydroxy Compounds (1 – 3 questions / average ~ 2 questions)
  3. Polymer* (1 – 3 questions / average ~ 2 questions)

Inorganic Chemistry

  1. d-Block Elements* (2 – 3 questions / average ~3 questions)

* Important topics that has shown steady upward trend in appearance in STPM.

Next Young Berries also need to revise on the following topics. These topics usually consist of 1 – 2 questions.

Physical Chemistry

  • Matter
  • Electronic Structure of Atoms
  • Reaction Kinetics

Inorganic Chemistry

  • Group 14
  • Group 17

Organic Chemistry

  • Haloalkanes
  • Carbonyl Compounds
  • Carboxylic Acids
  • Amino Acids and Proteins


Prediction for STPM Chemistry 2009 Paper 962/2

Berry Berry Teacher also finds it hard to predict in this section because between the Year 2006 and 2008, all the topics (Physical, Organic and Inorganic) are evenly distributed!!! This has made STPM Form 6 Chemistry a Berry Berry challenging subjects! Nevertheless, DO NOT SKIP the INORGANIC if you want to score A in the subject. So for all the Young Berries taking Chemistry Form 6, try to be consistent in learning (good learning habit) rather than last minute study. If you are doing the last minute study now, I would advice you to memorise all the organic chemical equations. It would be very handy for you!

Use this as a guide to help you to study, but do not use this guide as the only way to study. Remember also that, there are no 100% accurate tips. If you ever find them, be sure not to take them seriously. Bookmark this post on your computer and share this site with your friends who are taking STPM too and tune in for more tips, predictions and topic/question spotting.

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