SUCCESS!!! Berry Berry Easy’s STPM 2009 Biology Paper 2 Prediction Results : 60% minimum for prediction followers

by BerryBerryTeacher

in Berry Super Tips *SPM/STPM

SUCCESS!!! Berry Berry Easy is pleased to inform that our prediction is highly accurate for STPM 2009 Biology Paper 2 with 60 marks guaranteed for those who used our tips. Unlike other predictions which predicted many chapters, Berry Berry Easy only predicted 10 topics (due to the paper having only 10 questions) and would have provided 60% to our readers who followed the tips.

The proof is shown in the table below:

Volume-Chapter Topic Status in STPM 2009 Marks Contribution
Vol 1 – Chapter 2 Structure of Cells and Organelles No 0
Vol 1 – Chapter 4 Photosynthesis Section A – Q1 10
Vol 1 – Chapter 5 Respiration Section A – Q2 10
Vol 1 – Chapter 9 Homeostasis Section B – Q7 15
Vol 1 – Chapter 10 Nervous System No 0
Vol 2 – Chapter 5 Transmission Genetics No 0
Vol 2 – Chapter 6 Mutation Section A – Q4 10
Vol 2 – Chapter 9 Modern Genetics Technology No 0
Vol 2 – Chapter 13 Ecosystem No 0
Vol 2 – Chapter 14 Quantitative Ecology Section B – Q10 15
Total: 10 topics predicted - Correct prediction: 3 out of 4 compulsory questions in Section A, 2 out of 4 optional questions in Section B From prediction alone: Minimum of 60% is secured

So there you go, a guaranteed 60 marks for Berry Berry Easy followers. I’m sure those who took our tips seriously would have scored well, as besides the 60 marks from the predicted tips, I’m sure you would have scored some marks from the remaining 40 marks that were not predicted. (If you can score 15/40 from the non-predicted topics, you could have scored 75 marks, which should be enough to score an A)

So tune in for more tips. Drop me comments to let me know if you have benefitted from the tips. Or if you know any more accurate tips as compared to ours (provided they also only predicted 10 topics).

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