Berry Role Model No.1 – Artist/Freelance Designer – Kendrick Ng

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Despite the proliferation of the Internet which allows the rapid dissemination of information, students remained largely uninformed regarding the career choices. Hence, Berry Berry Easy is starting a series called “Berry Role Models” where real people in various different fields will be giving advices to our Young Berries who would be making decisions regarding their career choices. We intend to make this more of a light-reading, so it will be in an “Q&A format“.

First off, we have with us, Mr Kendrick Ng, a talented young artist/freelance designer (his job scope is ever-expanding). He is the person behind Kendrick’s Art Blog, which has many excellent designs. (His blog was also featured in the Berry Friends section prior to this interview) Without further adieu, let us soak in the experience of Kendrick, the artist/freelance designer:

Role Model #1 – Artist/Freelance Designer – Kendrick Ng

Kendrick Ng

Kendrick Ng

1) Who are you?

I am Kendrick Ng Tiong Heng. I came from a small town of Sipitang at the west coast of Sabah, Malaysia. I am currently enrolled in Computing Science majoring in Multimedia.

2) Why did you enter the field? Who/What was/is your inspiration?

I choose this field because I loved it and I really enjoyed it. In the beginning, I only helped my friends to solve web design problems…it started from Friendster layout, then slowly I decided to design wallpapers for my friends and finally an active blogger which I posted my designed wallpapers and I wanted to improve it and this is how I choose this field. By the same time I was also the official Student Council photographer, designer and multimedia/creative director for my University and sometimes you could see my designs in blogs, web pages, advertisements,magazines, newspapers or even tickets!

My inspiration dates back to when I was 4 years old…..this inspiration came from a Japanese animation “Doraemon”. He has been my idol even till today, whenever I want to design something, I will think of him and he really inspires me a lot.

3) So what do you do daily as an artist/freelance designer” ?

Because I am still a university student, being a freelance designer is always my first option to earn some income and also to build my port folio before I could work as a full timer. Everyday, there are e-mail requests from many customers. All I have to do is to accept it or not based on their offer.

4) What satisfaction do you gain from your job?

Hmm….In my opinion, my greatest satisfaction is to see the smiles and satisfaction of my customers, friends, family and colleagues. Their support, satisfaction towards my designs is what keeps me going.

5) Words of advice for our readers who wish to enter your field.

Dear readers, this is a very interesting field and all you need is creativity and passion in art, as simple as that. If you love capturing photos, or like to edit photos, or even love to draw and design. I recommend you to enroll in photography, designing, web designing-related course. My course, in fact is a little different because it’s a mix course because it consists of science and art. But no matter what university or institute you are enrolled in, as long as your love in arts and creativity is strong, this is the field for you!


The following designs are a small portion of his work thus far. Picture paints a thousand words, and the following pictures scream talent:

If you want to see more of his design, please visit Kendrick’s Art Blog

Berry Berry Easy comments: It seemed that the key to be successful in the field of arts and designing are having the passion in art and also the creativity in expressing yourself. So if you have these qualities, you might want to consider a career in this field.

Berry Berry Easy wishes Kendrick all the best in his future undertakings.

[If you know of anybody who could be a Berry Role Model (could also be yourself) and wants to share some career advices and experiences, please drop us a line]

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