I toured Putrajaya and found 1Malaysia

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Putrajaya springs to my mind each time I need to entertain friends from outstation. It has all the ingredients for a fun-filled trip. You can have nature if you are an outdoor-person, complexes if you want to go shopping, even landmarks if you want to take photos or just soak in the awe-inspiring atmosphere. Before I continue any further, I would like to share a “A simplest beginner tour of Putrajaya” which can be completed in the manner of hours.

A Simplest Beginner Tour of Putrajaya (3-leg tour of Putrajaya) – by Johan

Simplest Tour of Putrajaya - Guaranteed to Satisfy Everybody
Simplest Tour of Putrajaya – Guaranteed to Satisfy Everybody
  1. Prime Minister Office (outside only) – Nothing better to start off the trip with a visit to the place where major decisions in the country were made. There are a few lookout point to the Prime Minister Office. Be sure to take photos from different angles.
  2. Botanical Garden – Tired of living a hectic life? Stop and smell the greens in the botanical garden. If you are up for it, you can also rent a bicycle and cycle through the scenic areas.
  3. Alamanda Putrajaya – End the day by chilling out in the Alamanda shopping complex. Shop till you drop. It has everything you want in a shopping complex.

Of course, this is not what all Putrajaya has to offer, but it gives you enough to make you want to come back for more. I have visited Putrajaya many times (due to staying just 20 KM away) and have yet to cease to find new places to visit. Weekends are spent searching for new places in Putrajaya.

But of late, weekend visits to Putrajaya has not been one for finding new places. It has been more of a soul-searching journey, a journey to find the true meaning of 1Malaysia. A deliberate search on the sightings of 1Malaysia in Putrajaya yielded images of:

  • Schoolboys of different ethnicity mixing and playing around with each other
  • Flags covering bonnets of cars driving around on the huge Putrajaya roads
  • Signs pointing to private open houses inviting all to go

However, I noticed that we all have already uphold to spirit of 1Malaysia even before we heard of the phrase. One example I would show is in our language in a typical sms. The context of this sms is about a person who invites another old friend to attend the wedding of their mutual friend.

SMS screenshot

SMS screenshot

The sms reads: “Elo, pa kabar? Lama x jumpa ni! I nak follow u gi wedding zul boleh? Hehe.. Dont know the road la. Settle k?” – (Translation: Hello, how’s things going? Long time no see. I want to follow you to Zul’s wedding, okay? *laughs* (due to) not knowing the road. Settle okay? *asking for confirmation*)

Obviously, this is a bad example of language usage. But if we were to be just looking at the language, then we are missing the whole point altogether. This showed the Malaysian-ness as in:

  • Able to use a unique brand of mixed language to communicate, which only a Malaysian could understand

This just shows that Malaysians have already connected to be 1, before even 1Malaysia came about. And with 1Malaysia, the spirit for all Malaysians to work as 1 together will be even stronger.

Infact, from my name above which states Johan, you might think I am a Malay. My full name is Ng Jo-Han. I’m not a Malay, I’m a Malaysian. 1 Malaysian with dreams for 1Malaysia. So in my journey to discover Putrajaya, I discovered more than Putrajaya, I discovered the spirit of 1Malaysia which we always had all along.

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