SPM/STPM 2009 Tips and Predictions Availability

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Berry Berry Teacher has received numerous e-mail regarding the request for tips and predictions for various SPM and STPM subjects.  It has become a bit impossible to be replying each and everyone personally, hence the availability of tips and predictions for SPM and STPM 2009 will be posted on BerryBerryEasy once and for all for see.

Avalable tips and predictions for SPM and STPM 2009:

  • STPM 2009 Biology (So far being considered as accurate – Paper 2 60% accurate ~ Score A already)
  • STPM 2009 Chemistry
  • SPM 2009 Biology (Analysis not done, but according to comments on the post, tips were accurate too)
  • SPM 2009 Chemistry

Heavily requested tips and predictions :

  • STPM 2009 Physics
  • STPM 2009 Mathematics T
  • STPM 2009 General Paper
  • SPM 2009 Physics
  • SPM 2009 Additional Maths

Unfortunately, due to the site being new and only having at the moment 2 permanent contributors (Isabelle Wong and Jo-Han and 1 guest contributor (DonFrank), we are unable to provide the expertise to spot the questions for the heavily requested tips and prediction this year. We hope to increase our manpower in order to predict those heavily requested tips and predictions for SPM and STPM 2010. So for those who are taking those next year, stay tune.

If anybody wants to contribute last-minute tips (for papers that have not elapse) or any advice for the benefit of our readers, feel free to join the team. :) For those who are looking for tips, predictions and advices, please tune in again, just in case we have any last minute updates.

BerryBerryEasy also aim to provide students who are leaving their secondary education with knowledge to make the correct decision before they step into their tertiary education life. So after the SPM/STPM exams, make sure to come back for decisional tips before you make any life-altering decisions.

Upcoming posts for the holiday season:

  • Open Letter to my other two Form 6 Classes for 2009 – Berry Berry Teacher
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Need guest contributors on these topics:

  • Any information related to colleges and universities
  • How to search for universities and colleges
  • Scholarships
  • Best place to further your studies
  • Personal experience in colleges and universities
  • Personal reflection on secondary school life
  • Personal experiences on the National Service programme

[Will be trying to liaise with some active Berry Readers to be a Berry Contributor after their exams. Get ready to be called up.]

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December 5, 2009

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