A+ Replacing 1A in SPM Examination as the Best Grade

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Recently the Berry Berry Teacher had the privilige of bumping into my students who had completed their SPM in 2009, with results to be announced in 2010. One stark notice is their parting words in our short encounters, “I hope to score X 1As” (with X being a number they think they are capable of). Nothing wrong with aiming for the best, only that the grading has been changed.

The great majority of all of you students should have an idea of this (announcement was made in October 2009), but just for your information, A+ has replaced 1A as the highest grade in the SPM examinations as the highest possible grade obtainable. So don’t go hoping for 1As, its time to hope and pray for many A+ instead.

One great difference is in the number of bands/grades available in the new grading system. In the old system, we had nine grades, with 1A being the highest and 9G the lowest. The latest system has ten grades for classification of results, with A+ being the best and G being the worse. Even the elusive A grades, is now divided into three classification, being A+, A and A-.

New SPM Grading System (for SPM 2009 Results onwards)

New SPM Grading System (for SPM 2009 onwards) Old SPM Grading System (up to SPM 2008)
A+ -
A 1A
A- 2A
B+ 3B
B 4B
C+ 5C
C 6C
D 7D
E 8E
G 9G

Tune in for more results related-post as we countdown to the announcement of SPM 2009 results in 2010.

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