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This is part 2 of the recommended important books for STPM Chemistry Form 6. The following books are equally good as those recommended previously, but for organic and inorganic chemistry. This set of books are a mix of new and out-of-print books. (For those that are out of print, you can probably find them in libraries or from seniors) So go hunt for the recommended books.

Berry Berry Teacher will like to share with you all some recommended book (not necessarily exercise books) which should be made mandatory reading for all STPM Chemistry students.

Berry Berry Good (BBG) STPM Organic and Inorganic Chemistry books

1) Organic Chemistry for STPM (2005). Tan Yin Toon. Penerbitan Fajar Bakti Sdn. Bhd. Selangor. Malaysia.

This is another Berry Berry Good (BBG) Chemistry STPM book that young berries must have in the collection. Same like the Physical Chemistry for STPM, it is out of print and young berries cannot get it in the bookstore. In this book, everything is explained and a lot of exercises can be obtained from this! I love the Appendices for ‘Chemical Tests’ and ‘Routes for the Synthesis of Chemical Compounds’. This is of utmost useful for STPM berries and you cannot find it in other STPM reference books!

2) Ace Ahead Chemistry Volume 2 (2009). Tan Yin Toon, Loh Wai Leng, Kathirasan Muniandy, S. Sumitha, Lim Ming Hui & Ho Sook Chee. Oxford Fajar. Selangor. Malaysia.

The latest Oxford Fajar Chemistry STPM book! Came out very recently (Oct 2009). A long awaited book after Tan’s Organic Chemistry for STPM. It combined Inorganic and Organic in one book so young berries can save money in books too. Berry Berry Easy to understand and everything is in ‘point form’.

3) Organic Chemistry for STPM (2004). Kho Chin He, Siti Asiah A. Junan & John McMurry. Thomson Learning. Singapore.

Another out of print book. I love the organic chemistry diagrams! Berry Colourful and it is the only full coloured STPM reference book that young berries could get! Berry Useful book as extra referencing. (Unfortunately, there is no Inorganic reference book in this Thomson series)

4a) Pre-U Text STPM Inorganic Chemistry (2009). Lim You Sie and Yip Kim Hong. Longman. Pearson Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. Selangor. Malaysia.

4b) Pre-U Text STPM Organic Chemistry (2009). Ho Hon Yoon. Longman. Pearson Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. Selangor. Malaysia.

Both of the books are berry berry easy to read and understand. And they come with complementary CD for the 1999 – 2004 STPM Papers.  But they are separate books, so young berries need to have more capital in the book investment.

[Disclaimer: Berry Berry Easy is not affiliated to any of the publishing house. This is purely a recommendation from Berry Berry Teacher]

Once again, if any ex-STPM students wish to donate their books to Berry Berry Teacher or Berry Readers, please do so. We are sure that other students can benefit from it. A good deed goes a long way.

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