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Too much to study and too little time? This is the problem facing nearly every student. Sometimes, there are just too many books on the market. Even if money isn’t a problem, there is still an issue of not having the time to devour all the available books. Hence, came a question from one of our Berry Reader, Fanie who asked a question which is in the mind of many students. “Which exercise books are important for STPM Chemistry Form 6?

Berry Berry Teacher will like to share with you all some recommended book (not necessarily exercise books) which should be made mandatory reading for all STPM Chemistry students.

Berry Berry Good (BBG) STPM Physical Chemistry books

1) Physical Chemistry for STPM (2004). Tan Yin Toon. Penerbitan Fajar Bakti Sdn. Bhd. Selangor. Malaysia.

This is a Super BBG books that young berries must get! If you want to score A, this will be the book that I recommended to all Malaysian students. This book has already been out of print and if young berries want to get it, you may get it through your seniors or your school library or maybe some secondhand bookstore. The explanations in this book are rather lengthy (complete explanation) and everything is in ‘paragraph form’. Therefore, young berries must get enough sleep before you read this book.

2) Ace Ahead Chemistry Volume 1. (2009). Tan Yin Toon, Loh Wai Leng & Kathirasan Muniandy. Oxford Fajar. Selangor. Malaysia.

This book Tan’s latest STPM reference book. Berry Berry Teacher loves the book because it is berry easy for  students to understand. NO MORE Lengthy explanation! Besides that, I love the Focus on STPM Exam 2005 – 2007 section which will be berry berry useful for STPM students to stay focus on the Berry Important Sub-topic. The disadvantage for this book would be the lack of a CD on the past year questions.

3) Pre-U Text STPM Physical Chemistry (2009). Lim You Sie & Yip Kim Hong. Longman. Pearson Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.  Selangor. Malaysia.

Students love to use this book due to the berry berry easy explanation and every book comes with a complementary CD with 1999 – 2004 STPM papers.  Furthermore, it also includes a lot of examples to guide  STPM students in answering the STPM questions. But there are few mistakes in the book (in explanation and answer part).

4) Physical Chemistry for STPM (2005). Kho Chin He, Zaharah Aiyub, William L. Masterton & Cecile N. Hurley. Thomson Learning. Singapore.

This is another out-of-print book! This is a full-coloured reference book.  It is a book which has been adapted from an overseas book (Chemistry Principles and Reactions). A Berry colourful and interesting book which is berry different as compared to other STPM reference books. It will be good as an extra referencing book but not for your textbook. Some of the information is not included the STPM syllabus (only can be use in University level).

[Disclaimer: Berry Berry Easy is not affiliated to any of the publishing house. This is purely a recommendation from Berry Berry Teacher]

If any ex-STPM students wish to donate their books to Berry Berry Teacher or Berry Readers, please drop us a line. We can make arrangement to collect the books. So, if you have any old books which are mentioned here and you wish to donate it so that other students can benefit from it, please do so via Berry Berry Easy. A good deed goes a long way.

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