Co-curriculum Marks for STPM/Form 6 leaver

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Attention to all STPM leavers. This is an important post regarding your co-curriculum marks, which are especially important if you are applying for public universities in Malaysia. Since many students of the Berry Berry Teacher is asking this question, it is better for Berry Berry Easy to clarify this matter.

Attention: Clarification on Form 6/STPM Leaver Co-curriculum Marks

Regarding to young berries co-curriculum marks:

  • You need to find your school counselor or senior assistant co-curriculum or class teacher (depends on your school administration)
  • He/she will be holding all the co-curriculum book (the green colour book).
  • Remember to bring paper and pen to copy all the marks or photocopy the page that you need to key in the UPU online form and return back to the counselor / senior assistant co-curriculum / class teacher.
  • You cannot bring the book back! In case you lost it, school cannot trace back your marks and you only get minimum mark. (2 marks for every co-curriculum activity! Scary!)

So make sure you know what to do before you submit your UPU forms.

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