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BerryBerryEasy has posted few days back on the impending deadline for university application for STPM/STAM/SPM (and Matrikulation) students, which is 30th of March 2010. There has been demand via emails and contact forms for the cut-off points for Engineering courses. (Seemed like students applying for other courses have already submitted their forms or engineering is rather popular this year. So we’ll only compile for engineering) So for last minute applicants, Berry Berry Easy would like to share with all reader the possible cut-off points for Engineering courses in the Top 5 Public Universities in Malaysia, namely Universiti Malaya (UM), University Sains Malaysia (USM), Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) and Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM). (Please also read the disclaimer below)

Berry Compilation of Cut-Off Points (CGPA) for Engineering Courses in the Top Public Universities in Malaysia 2010


- For STPM students only

Faculty of Engineering (Fakulti Kejuruteraan) UM USM UKM UPM UTM
Electrical (Elektrik) 3.92 3.92 3.75
Electronic (Elektronik) 3.84
Telecommunication (Telekomunikasi) 4.00
Mechanical (Mekanikal) 4.00 3.75 3.92 3.86
General (Awam) 3.50 3.33 3.25
Chemical (Kimia) 4.00 3.84 4.00 3.17
Biomedical (Bioperubatan) 3.92 3.75
Computer (Komputer) 3.59 3.42
Materials (Bahan) 3.33 3.17 3.17
Manufacturing (Pembuatan) 3.34 3.42
Environmental (Alam Sekitar) 3.28
Aerospace (Aeroangkasa) 3.31 3.67
Polymer (Polimer) 3.17
Manufacturing and Management (Pembuatan dan Pengurusan) 3.40
Mineral Resource (Sumber Mineral) 3.08
Mechatronik (Mekatronik) 3.84
General and Environment (Awam dan Sekitaran) 3.17
General and Structure (Awam dan Struktur) 3.75
Electrical and Electronic (Elektrik dan Elektronik) 4.00 3.92 3.50
Telecommunication and Computer (Telekomunikasi dan Komputer) 3.75
Biochemistry (Biokimia) 3.83
Build Science (Sains Senibina) 3.25
Agriculture and Biosystem (Pertanian dan Biosystem) 3.00
Mechanical and Manufacturing (Mekanikal dan Pembuatan) 3.67 3.25
Food Processing (Proses dan Makanan) 3.40
Computer System and Communication (Sistem Komputer dan Komunikasi) 3.17
Electrical and Microelectronics (Elektrik dan Mikroelektronik) 3.83
Electrical and Telecommunication (Elektrik dan Telekomunikasi) 3.83
Mechanical and Marine Technology (Mekanikal – Teknologi Marin) 3.17
Mechanical and Industrial (Mekanikal – Industry) 3.75
Science and Industrial Design (Sains – Rekabentuk Industry) 2.58


  • This represents the lowest cut-off point as reported by students to “” for Intake 2007/2008.  Take note of the year.
  • BerryBerryEasy do not vouch for its accuracy as there can be discrepancy in student reporting or errors arises from the production of this post.
  • Furthermore, the values changes every year based on competition and number of slots offered by the respective courses.
  • You may only use this as a guide as the data are rather old, but among the best and most comprehensive available.
  • Most importantly, select the courses you think you will have interest for.

Do spread the words around to your friends who will be applying for university this year. It might save them from all the trouble and fears. BerryBerryJenius will be willing to compile the cut-off point (CGPA) for other courses if required.

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