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It has come to the Berry Berry Easy team that the e-mails that we are receiving daily (adding to a couple of questions on the Berry Bising box and comments) are all about the release of the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) dates.  So Berry Berry Jenius would like to make a calculated prediction on the date which the SPM results that will be released. It is purely speculative, no reliable sources were obtained. So the prediction are done to calm all your nerves.

Past year SPM results announcement:

  • SPM 2006 – 12 March 2007 (Announced in The Star on the 28th February 2007)
  • SPM 2007 – 12 March 2008 (Announced in The Star on the 03rd March 2008)
  • SPM 2008 – 12 March 2009 (Announced in The Star on the 06th March 2009)

Prediction assumptions:

  • Announcement of release date on newspapers will be at least 6 days before the real release of the results.
  • Since, STPM 2009 results are out, SPM results should not be later than last year by much (if any).
  • The gap between announcement and actual release are getting shorter every year. (From 12 days for SPM 2006, 9 days in SPM 2007 to 6 days in SPM 2008)
  • However, don’t think it will be 3 days for SPM 2009. It should not follow arithmetic progression.
  • In recent traditions, results are available towards the middle of the month.

So taking into consideration of assumption no.1 and no.2, and that weekends for the middle of the month in 2010 is on the 13/14th March 2010, the predicted dates are:

SPM 2009 Predicted Release Date – 15th March 2010.

15th March 2010 – Predicted date!!!

(or possibly also 12th March 2010, again!!!)

So until the real announcement are made, let us stop the speculation and start early application of colleges before the announcement of the results. Don’t waste time asking when the results will be announced. Berry Berry Easy will post the actual date once we get the news. (So all of you can stop typing “Keputusan SPM”, “When will SPM results come out?” or the likes on search engines)

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December 5, 2010
December 6, 2010

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