SPM Results 2009 on 11th March 2010 – The Summary (Part 2)

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With the general summary of SPM 2009 posted at http://berryberryeasy.com/2010/03/spm-results-2009/, now it is time to read about some other heart-warming story of success happening in the various states in Malaysia. As usual, Berry Berry Easy reads it and digest it in a summary form for Berry Readers.

Summary of SPM Results 2009 – 11th March 2010 – The Summary Part 2

Stories around Malaysia :



  • Tan Yee Ling of SMK Infant Jesus Convent was announced as the top scorer in the whole of Johor with 14A+s.
  • Seven other students from SMK Infant Jesus Convent aside from Tan Yee Ling were also honoured as one of the top scorers of the state.
  • V. Nadeera emerged as one of the highest scoring physically challenged students in the state of Johor with 7As and 2Bs. Success did not come easy due to having brittle bone disease which causes discomfort. Nonetheless, her determination overcame all pain. Nonetheless, she still felt disappointed with her BM paper results. (Berry Berry Easy would also like to highlight the nobility of her mum who has escorting her to school since Year 1. Much respect from the Berry Team)


  • In the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) examinations for 2009, nine students in Kedah scored straight A+s.
  • The top achievers in Kedah are:
  • 13A+ : Beh Yuan Ye (SMK Sin Min, Sungai Petani)
  • 12A+ : Lim Aina (SMK Ibrahim) and B. Malathy (SMK Ibrahim)
  • 11A+ : G. Sangeeta (SMK Sultanah Asma) and Kelvin Cheng Kah Wai (SMK Ibrahim)
  • 10A+ : Cindy Eng Sing Yee (SMK Bakar Arang), Heng Yee Cheng (SMK Sultanah Asma), Ooi Yeon Wee (Kolej Sultan Abdul Hamid)
  • 9A+ : Muhammad Safuan Sabri (Sekolah Berasrama Penuh Integrasi Kubang Pasu)
  • Top school in Kedah with number of students scoring straight As
    56 candidates – SMJK(C) Keat Hwa
    47 candidates – SMK Sultanah Asma
    39 candidates – SMK Ibrahim
    30 candidates – SMK Sin Min
    28 candidates – SMK Badlishah


  • Maimunah Suhaibul, the state education department deputy director announced that there are 95 candidates who scored straight As in SPM 2009.
  • This represented a great leap in the results as only 14 straight As students were recorded in 2008 for Sabah.


  • In the greatest success story of SPM 2009, Gladys Tan Yee Kim of SMK Green Road, Kuching became the  top SPM 2009 student in Malaysia with 10A+’s.
  • A detailed breakdown of the subjects that she took, showed that she got A+ in the Malay Language, English, Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, History, Moral, Science, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
  • Gladys’ secret to success is simple: Pay attention in class, listen to the teachers and do homework. (So students, heed the advices. If Gladys says so, it should not be too far from the truth)
  • Choo Mei Theen of SMK St Teresa also emerged as one of the state’s top scorer with 10A+s.


  • Miss Grace Kiew Sze-Ern of SMK(P) Sri Aman has emerged as the no.2 top scorer in Malaysia for SPM 2009 with 15A+s. Her feat is remarkable in today’s age of tuitions classes becoming ther norm, as she aced her examinations without requiring to attend tuition classes. Mind you, she is also a principal cellist in her school’s orchestra.
  • Siti Aisyah of Klang has also emerged as one of the top scorers in the state of Selangor for last year’s SPM exams.


  • Sports and academic excellence can come hand-in-hand too, as Ashley Leow proved it. The lass from SMK(P) St George emerged as one of the top student in her school with 9A+s. She was a 2008 Sukma bronze medalist in the sport of Judo.
  • Inter-class unions can also lead to success. Just ask Stephanie Chan, Ashley Leow (yeah, same person above) and Yeoh Jin Ming. All three of them scored 9A+s and had discussion on their academic problems despite not being in the same class.
  • 41 out of 234 SMK(P) St George students scored straight As. None of them failed.
  • An incredible 591 students from SMJK Jit Sin emerged among the top scorers with 10A+s. Among them are Moo Ching Yee and Chong Ker Ling.
  • Other success stories include that of Lee Yu Wei from Kota Permai with 10A+s and 2As, and also Ng Kuan Haw from Taman Chai Leng, Prai with 9A+s, 1A- and 1A.


  • The success of Hu May Khei of SMK Convent Taiping in ranking as one of the top 10 candidates in the SPM 2009 examinations did not come as a surprise. Her school principal Che Su Mahamud were certainly not surprised as Hu May Khei has scored in all public examinations.


  • Lai Yin Kwin of Malacca High School emerged as ranked no.8 in the nation for the SPM 2009 exams with 9As. His two elder sisters had also scored straight As in their respective SPM examinations. (Can Madam Ng Gek Choo, who is Lai’s mother share some secret of her kids success with Berry Berry Easy. Congratulations to Madam Ng on your kids success)

So there you go, success stories of SPM 2009 in Malaysia by states. For those who are mentioned here, you may also drop some comments. If you know anybody inside, you can also drop comments. If you meet neither conditions, you are still invited to drop us comments on your SPM results. :)

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