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[This post is also considered to be "STPM Results 2009 on 25th February 2010 – The Summary Part 3: Johor Bahru's Schools Performances in STPM 2009" ]

Which school to enter? This is the usual question that a SPM leaver would like to ask. Some would say that they want to enter college or vocational school or polytechnic or matriculation. If those aren’t your answer, what about continue your studies in form 6? You may refer to the previous post titled  “Berry Life Guide – Pro and Cons of Studying Form 6 (12 December 2009)” before you make the choices.

The best thing about studying Form Six is everything is free. It is free and even your exam papers are FOC! Most of the schools are fully subsided by government and usually yearly fees (included school fees, insurance, lembaran kerja, and PIBG fees) are around RM 150.00 to RM 200.00. It is too good to be true! But all you need is the courage to take it! For those who stayed in Johor Bahru District, you are in luck as BerryBerryEasy will be sharing with you the performance of Form 6 schools in Johor Bahru. You might need this for references which form six schools to enter.

Berry Berry Top STPM Form 6 School in Johor Bahru

School Stream 2009 enrolment STPM 2009 results (5P)* STPM 2009 results (4P)* Straight A student* Full Pass*
SMK Sultan Ismail Science & Arts 122 2 91 4 119
Maktab Sultan Abu Bakar Science & Arts 140 1 72 3 130
SMK(P) Sultan Ibrahim Science & Arts 52 1 24 4 51
SMK Tasek Utara Science & Arts 104 1 50 1 96
SMK Mutiara Rini Arts 62 1 26 0 56
SMK Gelang Patah Arts 41 0 9 0 41
SMK Skudai Arts 81 1 26 0 73
SMK Dato’ Jaafar Science & Arts 156 0 44 0 130
SMK Aminuddin Baki Arts 88 0 21 0 80
Total 846 7 363 12 776


  • 5P* – 5 Principals (4 Pass)
  • 4P* – 4 Principals (4 Pass)
  • Straight A student* – Outstanding Student / Pelajar Cemerlang
  • Full pass – Denotes that student obtain at least a principal in a subject.


  • The arts and science students performance are combined in this chart. So it gives the performance of a school in general rather than any specific stream.
  • SMK Sultan Ismail emerged as the Top STPM school in JB. (Congrats)

So do share this list with your friends who have just completed their SPM examinations in 2009 and might wish to enter Form 6 and do their STPM.

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