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Welcome to Part 3 of the Berry Role Model Series. Our Role Model this issue is Mr Low Wooi Kit, a bowling champion. Not any champion, but a national-level champion to say the least. While being a national-level champion is outstanding, but what is more outstanding is that he debunk the myth about sportsperson not doing well academically. Not only Wooi Kit is able to excel in tempin bowling, he is also pursuing a degree in the highly competitive EE Engineering course at Inti Penang.

I’m sure our Berry Readers would like to know the secret to his success in juggling a sporting career with academic excellence. However, before we start our interview segment, Berry Berry Easy would like to point out that the singlemost trait we admire in Wooi Kit is not his sporting prowess (although we do admire it greatly), but one cannot help but applaud his sportmanship and grace in defeat. It is this trait in him that makes us think that he has the hallmark of a true champion, someone whom we believe qualify as a Berry Role Model. His statement of “Never mind. You have win it fair and square. We do not hate each other in the game.” sealed our high opinions on him. Drop by SonnyKazu: The Untold Story <> by Wooi Kit for gems like this.

Enough of babbling, and let the interview begins.

Role Model #3 – Bowling Champion/Future EE Engineer – Low Wooi Kit

1) Who are you? Low Wooi Kit

> Hello readers! My name is Low Wooi Kit. I came from a small town (now city) of Alor Setar, which is the capital for the paddy land state of Kedah. I am currently studying Electrical and Electronics (EE) Engineering at INTI International College Penang.

2) So what do you do daily as an EE Engineering student?

> First of all, as usual I wake up and prepare myself to college every weekdays, or sometimes even weekends for extra, replacement classes or even paper test. My timetable schedule is not really packed for long semester, but for short semesters, my schedule will be packed. But there will be assignments given by the lecturer so I use that to finish up after class time. Whenever I have free time, I go for outside activities such as badminton, discussions with friends, and not to forget, surfing the internet and updating my own blog, which is also a hobby too.

3) What do you aspire to be in the future?

> Hmm… Honestly speaking, I never really thought about it since my mind was full of career choices. Let it be hotel management, F&B, finance, engineering, IT and so much more. I was really freaked out on choosing the best subject as there are a lot of things that interests me, but I was given a chance of a lifetime to choose a suitable career job for myself. This is not easy though, I had to do a lot of thinking before entering college. After I finally made a tough decision, I landed myself for engineering course. Since then, I had not turned back and tried to make myself comfortable with this engineering study. The lecturers are friendly and have willingness to guide me for my studies. And so are my friends and classmates who are giving their full support for me. Up to now, I am satisfied for what I am now, and I could become an engineer one day. Besides being a future engineer, I might be working in business field as well.

4) Tell us about your bowling career and how it started? Who/What inspired you to take up bowling?

> Great! This will be the longest story-cum-interview ever made. Ok! I was a young boy who really wants to know and explore more (Too proud of myself actually). Since I was 8 years old, my dad was the operations manager of the bowling center in my hometown. He normally works every Thursday night until the end of the center’s operation hours. He also works for a construction company in the morning where the bowling center is owned by that company. I remember every week, he would often bring me to the center to accompany him. So I watched the people play bowling there. One day, my dad asked me to play bowling and have fun on the lanes. So I was happy to get to try out the bowling ball. At first, the house ball was really heavy to carry. My size was small, I could not even carry a heavy ball. So my dad brought me a light 6-pound ball to bowl on the lanes. I landed the bowling ball to the gutter. (And yeah I was happy, since this is just my first ball, I bowled just like the beginners do).

From there onwards, I started to get addicted to bowling. My dad hired a coach to teach me the basics and techniques on bowling. Every week, I improved more and more on my foundations of bowling. This is the most important basics that every bowler has to know. After the basics, I had switched to another coach named T.A. (I more prefer to call him Uncle TA). He is my all-time favourite coach from the start. His coaching skills are amazing. He is quite a friendly coach who was willing to guide me on bowling techniques. And sometimes he might be strict for the moment. Thanks to him, I had made myself successful in local district competition. I later continued my journey to the state level competition where I made myself a potential challenger to other competitors from different districts. I never thought that I could be the one who carries the pride of my state for national competitions.

When I was in Standard 6, I had an unforgettable sweet memory in my life. I was chosen to represent the state bowling team for the annual MSSM Bowling competition. I was excited since this was my first time being able to compete in such a grand event as the other young bowlers in the nation are quite tough to beat, especially those from KL and Selangor. I have contained my pressure during competition and I have lots of support from my team. Eventually, I nailed a gold and a silver medal. And I came a bit close to win another gold medal but lose out to my former teammate by merely few pins. Oh well, my tears were fallen as I was disappointed but I have actually done my best. My parents were very proud of me for what I have achieved.

5) What are the traits that you have that has brought you success on the bowling lane?

> In the sport of bowling, you have to be very passionate about it. To become a champion in bowling is not easy though, sometimes you might be lucky if you get high scores. Every time in training, all I have to do is focus on my basics and techniques which the coaches had guided me. Patience and confidence are also required in order to bowl well. I must say that you must be both physically and mentally tough in this sport.

6) So, share with us your other secret of how you achieved national success in tenpin bowling and yet still able to enter into the highly competitive EE Engineering course? How would you advise our Berry Readers on time management?

> Secrets are meant to be hidden from others. However for this case, I just keep working hard and play hard. Even when I missed some classes, I can still play catch up on studies when I have no scheduled competition ahead. Time management is important for us, from studying to gaming, everything has to be followed as scheduled. As most of you guys know, time does not wait for us. So please try to use your time more efficiently by doing something that is useful, and do not waste your time doing nothing.

7) Before we part, can you share with us some “words of wisdom” which have brought you success over the years.

> Be yourself! Do not give up on your first try. Success is not easily achieveable without hard work. Dare to fail, and learn from your mistakes then you will become successful.

8 ) Oh, before we really end this interview you, would you ever make a fairytale return to the bowling scene?

Sigh…! Probably yes probably no. Why? Because I have an unpredictable future. Haha! In short, I’m not so sure about it yet.


The following are some of his achievements in the bowling circuit:

  • MSSM 2003 – Singles (Silver), Team of 4 (Gold)
  • Piala Remaja Milo Ranking Masters 2004 GP Finals – Champion
  • Piala Remaja Milo Ranking Masters 2005 GP Finals – Champion
  • Piala Sukan Teras 2006 – Under 15 – First Runner-up
  • Represented Kedah for MSSM 2006 and 2008
  • MSSD Kota Setar 2003 Under 12 – Champion
  • MSS Kedah 2003 – Singles (silver)
  • Kedah Bowl Open Under 15 – Champion

(We at BerryBerryEasy thinks that those are impressive credentials :) )

Check out the photos of Wooi Kit the Bowling Champ in the gallery below.

So there you go, Mr Low Wooi Kit, a sportsperson who also excels in his studies. So if anybody thinks that you cannot excel in academics and sports, think again. Think of how Wooi Kit have done it and apply the method he has shared to your own situation.

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