List of Form 6 Schools in the Kota Tinggi District (2010)

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Attention to Berry Readers in Kota Tinggi, we have the Form 6 list for you in event if you want to study or teach in this district. Form 6 STPM is offered in nine schools in the Kota Tinggi district. From it, only two schools are dual streamed offering both art and science. None of the schools are science stream only. All nine schools offer art stream subjects. For those who have the inclination to do Bahasa Arab, SMK Agama Bandar Penawar would be the choice. The list of science stream and art stream form 6 schools are as follow:

List of Form 6 Schools in Kota Tinggi District (Year 2010)

Science Stream

  1. SMK Tun Habab (Has the option of ‘computing’)
  2. SMK Laksamana

Art Stream

  1. SMK Tun Habab
  2. SMK Laksamana
  3. SMK Bandar Mas
  4. SMK Agama Bandar Penawar (has the option for Bahasa Arab)
  5. SMK Tanjung Datuk
  6. SMK Bandar
  7. SMK Bandar Easter
  8. SMK Adela
  9. SMK Tan Sri Jaafar Albar

Do share your information with us shall you find any discrepancy with the information provided. You may also request that your district be featured. So, feel free to contact Berry Berry Easy or just drop us a comment, so that we can make the appropriate addition/changes. (Information is believed to be accurate as of 8th May 2010)

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