List of Form 6 Schools in the Pasir Gudang District (2010)

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One of the biggest problem with ‘districts’ is that the conventional district that we know (based on our address) are different from the ‘education zone districts’. Johor Bahru for example are divided into Johor Bahru and Pasir Gudang. Typically, Pasir Gudang will be considered as part or outskirts of JB, but it is not for the schools. So schools from Permas Jaya and Taman Daya which is regarded by most as being in the JB district, will be placed in the Pasir Gudang education district. Confusing?

Not anymore, as Berry Berry Easy will now list out the Form 6 schools for the Pasir Gudang district. There are five schools which offers STPM to students. From which, two schools have both art and science streams. The other remaining three schools are art stream only schools. Without prolonging any further, the list of science stream and art stream form 6 schools are as follow:

List of Form 6 Schools in Pasir Gudang District (Year 2010)

Science Stream

  1. SMK Dato Penggawa Timur
  2. SMK Permas Jaya

Art Stream

  1. SMK Dato Penggawa Timur
  2. SMK Permas Jaya
  3. SMK Ulu Tiram
  4. SMK Pasir Gudang 2
  5. SMK Taman Daya

To all dear readers: If you find any discrepancy in the information given, do drop us @ Berry Berry Easy a line so that we can make the corrections which will be useful for all. (Information is believed to be accurate as of 9th May 2010)

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