List of Form 6 Schools in the Segamat District (2010)

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Berry Berry Easy is pleased to be presenting Berry Readers with the Segamat district’s Form 6 STPM school list. (Specially for Amiruddin who requested it via email). A total of 11 schools offer Form 6 STPM studies to students. Two schools have both art and science stream. Of single-stream schools, two are science stream only, whereas seven schools are art stream only. Among all school, there are also a “Jenis Kebangsaan” school offering Form 6 in SMJK Seg Hwa. For those who have the inclination to do Bahasa Arab and Syariah, SMK Agama Segamat would be a smart choice. SMK Jementah has rather limited option in the subject combinations. The list of science stream and art stream form 6 schools are as follow:

List of Form 6 Schools in Segamat District (Year 2010)

Science Stream

  1. SMK Tinggi Segamat
  2. SMK Labis (no physics)
  3. SMK Paduka Tuan
  4. SMJK Seg Hwa

Art Stream

  1. SMK Tinggi Segamat
  2. SMK Dato Bentara Dalam (with possible Mathematics S option)
  3. SMK Buluh Kasap
  4. SMK Munshi Ibrahim
  5. SMK Agama Segamat (with option for Bahasa Arab and Syariah)
  6. SMK Labis
  7. SMK Palong Timur
  8. SMK Jementah (art – limited option, only Pengajian Am, BM, Ekonomi, Pengajian Perniagaan are available)
  9. SMK Chaah

Do not feel shy to contact Berry Berry Easy or just drop us a comment if you find any mistakes. We will be more than glad to make the appropriate changes. (Information is believed to be accurate as of 9th May 2010)

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May 10, 2010
May 10, 2010

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