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Ever thought of studying in Japan after your STPM or UEC? Dream no longer and get on in the action of applying for a place in Kyoto University? Berry Berry Easy had the fortunate luck to be spotted by a Malaysian lecturer in Kyoto University by the name of Eddie Puay who has resided in Kyoto for 6 years. It is kind of him to be raising awareness regarding Kyoto University’s International undergraduate cource in Civil Engineering.

Study in Japan – Kyoto University International Undergraduate Course in Civil Engineering

The excerpt below is a comment posted by Eddie Puay on Berry Berry Easy

————–Start of Comment——————–

Konichiwa こんにちは,

I spotted your blog by chance.

The purpose of dropping a message here is to let u know about Kyoto University International undergraduate course in Civil Engineering.

I am a Malaysian, currently working as lecturer in Kyoto University, Japan under this International Course.

We are currently recruiting student for intake in next April 2011. We welcome application using either STPM or UEC results. Dont worry about your score first.

You can download the application form from here

I am Johorean myself and have been living here in Kyoto for 6 years ! (did my Master and Phd here).

It is my honor to help students from Johor !

Kindly spread this news to STPM holder ! Thank you.

A very informative blog u have.


By Eddie Puay

——————End of comment———————


  • For those who wish to enroll in April 2010, the closing date for application is June 15th.
  • For those who do not have TOEFL score, you can proceed submitting the application. TOEFL score can be submitted later.
  • For inquiry :

So if you are interested, there is no harm checking out the website and download the application form. So as Eddie Puay says, don’t worry about your results first.

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