Teacher’s Day 2010 – Hari Guru 2010

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In the education circle, Teacher’s day (Hari Guru) is traditionally ranked among one of the more important ‘festivals’. Although in recent years the meaning of teacher’s day has eroded, due to more emphasis being placed upon exams and results. Hence, UPSR/PMR/SPM/STPM periods are taken as the prime dates in a school’s calendar. So in the spirit of teacher’s day, let Berry Berry Easy share with all Berry Readers some trivia on this sole day dedicated to teachers.

Teacher’s Day 2010 – Hari Guru 2010

The Origin of Teacher’s Day in Malaysia

Teacher’s day is being celebrated in most countries around the world to commemorate the deeds of teachers all around the world in educating young minds. However, one less-known fact to Malaysian students is that, unlike other ‘festivals’ the date for Teacher’s day is not the same in every country. So why is the 16th of May designated as the official Teacher’s day in Malaysia? I’m sure most students here would have heard of or memorise the noun, Razak Report (Laporan Razak). So how does that link to Teacher’s day?

Here goes the story. On the 16th of May 1956 (one full year before Merdeka), the Federal Legislative Council (Majlis Undang-Undang Persekutuan Tanah Melayu) received suggestions from the Report of the Education Committee (Laporan Jawatankuasa Pelajaran) which forms the core base for our education system in Malaysia. So to commemorate this day, 16th May is selected to be Teacher’s day. The report has since come to be known as the Razak Report. So know you know the historical link. History won’t be so ‘boring’ if you know the stories behind them.

The Theme for Teacher’s Day 2010 (Tema Hari Guru 2010)

The theme for this year’s teacher’s day celebration is “Guru Pembina Negara Bangsa”. This is the same as 2009′s theme. It is not uncommon for themes to be used two years in a row if it reflects the ideals and struggles of educators in Malaysia.

A list of previous themes is shown below:

2009 Guru Pembina Negara Bangsa
2008 Guru Cemerlang Negara Terbilang
2007 Guru Penjana Modal Insan Gemilang
2006 Pendidikan Bestari Pemangkin Kegemilangan
2005 Guru Berkualiti Pemangkin Kegemilangan
2004 Guru Berkualiti Pemangkin Kegemilangan
2003 Guru Berkualiti Aspirasi Negara
2002 Guru Berkualiti Aspirasi Negara
2001 Memartabatkan Profesion Keguruan tanggungjawab Bersama
2000 Bersatu Memartabatkan Profesion Keguruan
1999 Guru Berkesan Pendidikan Cemerlang
1998 Guru Penyemai Tanggungjawab Bersama
1997 Guru Bestari Sekolah Bestari
1996 Guru Malaysia Teras Pendidikan Bertaraf Dunia
1995 Permuafakatan dan Perpaduan Menjayakan Wawasan
1994 Guru Inovatif dan Kreatif Menjayakan Wawasan
1993 Guru Inovatif dan Kreatif Menjayakan Wawasan
1992 Guru Cemerlang Teras Kejayaan Wawasan
1991 Ke Arah Pendidikan Cemerlang
1990 Pendidikan Bermutu Masyarakat Sejahtera
1989 Guru Pembina Budaya Ilmu
1988 Guru Pengasas Budaya Membaca
1987 Pendidikan Ke Arah Kesejahteraan Insan
1986 Pendidikan Teras Nasionalisme
1985 Guru dan Masyarakat Asas Kemajuan Pendidikan
1984 Kepimpinan Berteladan Kesempurnaan Pendidikan
1983 Kepimpinan Berteladan Teras Pendidikan
1982 Ke Arah Kecekapan Guru Dan Pendidikan Bermutu
1981 Pengorbanan Guru Kejayaan Rakyat
1980 Pendidikan Teras Perpaduan Negara
1979 Murid Sejahtera Negara Jaya
1978 Guru Pembentuk Generasi Akan Datang
1977 Dedikasi dan Disiplin Asas Kemajuan Pendidikan
1976 Pendidikan Moral Dalam Zaman Kemajuan Pendidikan
1975 Guru dan Pembangunan Negara
1974 Peranan Guru Dalam Zaman Sains dan Teknologi
1973 Kerjasama Ibu Bapa Untuk Kemajuan Pendidikan
1972 Peranan Guru Dalam Pembangunan Negara

Activities for Teacher’s Day 2010

So for our readers in Pahang (especially Kuantan), do head down to East Coast Mall for the Teacher’s Day Festival 2010 (Festival Hari Guru 2010) between 13-16 May 2010. You will be able to see performances, competitions, exhibitions and participate in their activities.

Concluding Remarks

Like any other ‘designated’ day (ie. Mother’s day, Father’s day and the likes), you don’t only need to appreciate the deeds of your teachers on 16th of May. If you respect your teachers, everyday is teacher’s day. Also, you don’t have to only say your thanks to your school teachers, the spirit of teacher’s day goes beyond that. You can even wish your parents or friends who have taught you lessons in life a very Happy Teacher’s Day too. Anybody who has imparted knowledge to you deserves a simple greeting from you.

The Berry Berry Teacher will reserve her thanks for now, as tomorrow on 16th of May 2010, a special dedication to her favourite ‘teachers’ will be posted on Berry Berry Easy.So stay tune for tomorrow’s post!

(Information on this article sourced from : http://www.tutor.com.my/festival/index.html)

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