Announcement : 4th JB Land Scout Campfire 2010

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Behold! One of the most anticipated event of the year in the district of JB is here. Without further adieu, let Berry Berry Easy share the news of the 46th Anniversary Campfire and 11th Annual Competition with all Berry Readers. The annual event for this year will last 2 days which will be held on the 16th-17th June 2010. You can be assured that you’ll have fun with an event from 4th JB Land Scout, an organisation with 46 year of history on its cap.

4th JB Land Scout 46th Anniversary Campfire and 11th Annual Competition

Title: 46th Anniversary Campfire & 11th Annual Competition

Date: 16-17 June 2010

Venue: SMK Dato’ Jaafar, Johor Bahru

Theme: Zeal, Amity, Harmony, Steadfastness

Competitions (planned):

  1. Pertandingan Kawad Kaki Berformat
  2. Pertandingan Memasak (Moden)
  3. Pertandingan Rekaan Banner
  4. Pertandingan Halangan Komando
  5. Pertandingan Persembahan / Tarian

Organised by:

  • President : Chew Shu Ren
  • Secretary : Ronald Ang Yu Chye
  • Treasurer : Benedict Tan Wen Liang
  • Quarter Master : Cheng Farn Liang
  • AJK : Lim Zhi Yang
    Lee Wee Han
  • All members of the 4th JB Land Scout Troop

Why you should attend the campfire/competition (in Berry Berry Easy’s Opinion):

  • To make lifelong friendship with people from other schools
  • To spend your holiday in a more meaningful manner
  • To gauge your strengths through competitive and healthy competition
  • To have endless fun through the events organised
  • To be part of an event you’ll be talking about many years after you leave school

So, what are you waiting for? Drop by, register and participate for the event.

(More details to follow. These are just preliminary information)

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