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Berry Berry Easy would be pleased to introduce to our Berry Readers, our Berry Role Model #4. Our Berry Role Model today is Miss Judy Goh Wen Yi, a dedicated nurse with a hidden flair for performing arts. So just how talented is our young nightingale in white in performing arts? Fashion, music, drama and dance, you name it, she can do it all. Not only she can do it all, she is also quite a proven winner in all of them, garnering awards by the dozen.

You would expect her to enter the field of entertainment based on her credentials. However, this ambitious young lass decides to nurture her performing flair alongside her passion, which is in the field of nurturing the sick to wellness. It is no coincident that her penchant for performing arts goes hand-in-hand with her current job as a nurse as both jobs require intensity and full concentration at all times. Not too mention also the unseen dedication required where a minute on stage or the operating theater is the culmination of years of hard work. Berry Berry Easy think that the commendable traits of Judy Goh would be her dedication in her role in helping sick patients back to health, where most people would not even last a day working in the hospital. We wish her all the best in Institut Kesihatan Sains dan Kajururawatan Pantai (Pantai Institute of Health Science and Nursing), Ayer Keroh, Melaka. Let us listen from our Berry Role Model.

Role Model #4 – Dedicated Nurse – Judy Goh Wen Yi

1) Who are you?

> Hello everybody, my name is Judy Goh Wen Yi, you can just call me Judy. Well, who am I? I am just an ordinary girl who is pursuing my dream . I am 20 years old this year but I don’t look like one, most probably due to my height and appearance. LOL. I have tonnes of ambition but after sorting out them in my brain for a few years (during secondary school days), finally I choose to pursue my dream job as a nurse. My hobby would include inventing some new dishes (and cooking them), singing, dancing, reading manga, applying make-up and photo taking.

2) Why did you enter the field? Who/What was/is your inspiration?

> I enter this field is because of the “cute little dress” that is wore by all the nurses in the world. (That is just a joke. Sorry, I love to joke a lot) I choose to enter this challenging field simply because I love to help people and I’ll get to learn about medical knowledge in addition to the psychological needs of a patient. It is like killing two birds with a stone. As for my inspiration, I got it from a Hong Kong drama series about a bunch of young teenagers who wanted to be nurses. They continued to pursue their dream despite facing a lot of obstacles. In the end, we see that all of them had successfully achieved their dreams in becoming nurses, but the process of  chasing their dream was what that touches me a lot. They inspire me.

3) So what do you do daily as a nurse ?

> Well, actually nurses life ain’t easy. I have a very hectic and packed college schedule. Not much holiday, as the longest I had is only one week. (Can you believe it? Believe it!) My training consists of two basic criteria: Theory and practical. For theory, we will go to college and have our classes conducted by experience tutors. As for practical,  we will be off to our assigned hospital. We call it “posting time”. During posting, we will be guided by very strict clinical instructors (CI). In order to get our assignment done, we have to perform to our very best to get their recognition in order to become a nurse. We also have this system called “cross taking”, which means that each procedure done by us will be guided by the CI (trust me cross taking is not an easy task!) We have to complete the whole procedure book so thatwe can take part in the “Malaysia Nurses Board Examination”.

4) What satisfaction do you gain from your job?

> When you work all day long, sometimes you feel tired, tensed up, angry, or even frustrated, but when a patient smile and say thanks to you, that is the best satisfaction you can ever get in a job.

5) Words of advice for our readers who wish to enter your field.

> Here is a piece of advice, if you are really interested in nursing, no matter who you are, where you are from, male or female, nursing is a tough, tough, tough work. But if this is your interest you can enjoy from it.

Here are some of Judy Goh’s artistic achievements:
  • 3rd Best of Best Latin Dancesport Championship 2009 Silver Medalist (Adult) – Samba 4th Place
  • 3rd Best of Best Latin Dancesport Championship 2009 Silver Medalist (Adult) - Jive 2th Place
  • 3rd Best of Best Latin Dancesport Championship 2009 Silver Medalist (Adult) - Cha Cha Cha 4th Place
  • Hari Kokurikulum SMK SETA 2006 Pertandingan Fesyen Pertama
  • Hari Kokurikulum SMK SETA 2006 Pertandingan Muzik Semula Jadi Pertama
  • 1st Runners-Up Drama Competition JB District 2006
  • Best Performer Drama Competition JB District 2006
Check out the photos of Judy the dedicated nurse:

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