Hooray!!! It’s SPM trial! (2010) – Johor

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Attention: The Johor state SPM trial will start on 12/8/2010! Every Form 5 students will need to start and get busy preparing for the trial! For the other states in Malaysia, the date should not deviate too far from it either. (The “hooray” was just to loosen up the stressful environment)

SPM Trial 2010 – Johor State : 12th August 2010

Please note that the SPM trial examinations is to be taken seriously. This is due to the trials being:

  1. used as forecast results for your SPM in event you wish to start applying for colleges earlier and have not yet obtained your results.
  2. used as forecast for early scholarship application. (although most likely that the final decision is pending your actual SPM results)
  3. a chance for you to gauge your ability prior to the actual SPM. This allows you to identify your weaker points and give you a warning to work on it.

So, all Berry Readers would have to sharpen their mind and 2B pencil! Students need to get prepare simple notes. For some general tips for SPM trials:

  • Chemistry: Get ready with Periodic Table and Electrochemical series.
  • Biology: Get ready with all the mechanisms, structures (ruminant and non-ruminant), blood circulation and processes!

Good luck to all taking the trials examination.

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November 18, 2010
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