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School days are always thought about in fond memories many years after students leave school and usually extra curricular activities are the ingredients which give flavour to school life. Among more memorable activities in school will be the co-curriculum carnivals held in most schools. This post will be about “Karnival Integrasi Ko-Kurikulum” at school level which will remind older students of their canteen day and also to allow Berry Readers who are not from the Malaysian education system to have a glimpse of what this carnival is all about.

Berry Event #2 – Co-curriculum Integration Carnival 2010 (Karnival Integrasi Ko-Kurikulum 2010) – School level

  • Event: Co-curriculum Integration Carnival (Secondary School ) – SMK Dato Jaafar
  • Date: 19-24th July 2010
  • Venue: Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Dato’ Jaafar  Johor Bahru
  • Event Covered by: Miss Isabelle Wong – The Berry Berry Teacher
  • Dedicated to: All students in SMK Dato Jaafar

Every year around July (in recent years), all students and teachers in SMK Dato’ Jaafar will participate in this important co-curriculum carnival which usually last for a week.  There are sport (physical) events, non-sport (intellectual) games and (affective) small scale of business for the students to dabble on.

Among activities this year include:

1) Physical: sport events – hockey, futsal, rugby, volleyball, basketball, softball, petanque, netball and football. Students participate in these events to score points for their “house”. [The four houses are balau (blue/biru), keruing (yellow/kuning), meranti (red/merah) and jati (green/hijau)]


Figure 1: Hockey match at Stadium Hoki Johor Bahru. Jati house versus Meranti house.

2) Intellectual: non-sport games – sahihba, batu Seremban (five stones), catur bestari and chess. Academic students would love to join these activities. These events are aimed at training Dato’ Jaafar students to be more holistic and be developed as an all-rounder.

3) Affective: small scale business. Every club or association will have the opportunity to open a stall and all the students were given hands-on experience in selling food, drinks or start a game stall in the school. This is a good experience to improve students in socialising and communication skills with other people.


Small scale business

The Robotics Club for which I am the teacher-in-charge also involved themselves actively in the food and drinks selling stall. Robotics Club members prepared Monster Coney Dog (45 coney dogs), I Love You drink (100 cups sold), Monster Potato, Monster Corn, Monster Mushroom, Sweet Deserts and Monster BBQ Wings! Club members got themselves to be exposed to the real life business in the school and at the same time can collect some funds for next year.

Figure 2: Berry Berry Teacher with I Love You drink.

This was one of the most popular drink for the Co-curriculum Integration Carnival which sold out within 1 and half hours!

Figure 3: Robotics Club members prepared I Love You drinks for the drinks stall.

The scene half an hour before the Robotics Club’s Food & Drinks stall opening! All the Robotics Club members were working extremely hard to prepare the I Love You drinks and Sweet Dessert.

Figure 4: BBQ team prepared BBQ wings and hot dogs

These were extremely dedicated Robotics Club members that barbequed chicken wings from 7.30 a.m. until 1.30 p.m.! They did not even leave this station even thought this was the hardest and hottest task. In addition, there was another team had worked extremely comprising of Darwin, Ian and Bernard. They fried the most Moster Potato and Monster Mushroom. The multicooker pot were even damaged after non-stop frying of the “monsters”!


Highlights of the co-curriculum carnival

On 23 July 2010 (Friday), all the students who took part in Marching Competition (Pertandingan Kawad Kaki Unit Beruniform) had to participate in the night camp. They had last-minute intensive training during evening and night. Students remained highly spirited despite the long training hours. Once again, this showed the fighting spirit of the students who I hope would go on to achieve greatness in the future.

24 July 2010 (Saturday) was the day of the culmination and highlight of the co-curriculum carnival. From 7.30 a.m. to 9.30 a.m., final matches for football (L15 and L20), basketball (L15 and L20) and netball (P20) were held. The finals were held simultaneously in the school field and hall.

Between 9.30 a.m. and 10.00 a.m., all the unit uniform prepared themselves for the competition at the school car park. From 10.00 a.m. to 11.30 a.m., the NGO and GO Marching Competition (Pertandingan Kawad Kaki NGO dan GO) school level was held at the Jaya Hall (Dewan Jaya) SMK Dato’ Jaafar Johor Bahru.

Figure 5: Winner Marching Competition: NGO Land Scout (Pengakap Darat) I

The land scout (4th JB land scout) commander gave his commands in a loud and clear manner in the school hall.

Figure 6: Winner Marching Competition: NGO Land Scout (Pengakap Darat) II

The Land scout troop marched confidently and no major mistakes were made during the marching competition.

Figure 7: Winner Marching Competition: NGO Land Scout (Pengakap Darat) III

As such, they emerged as the best NGO marching team – 4th JB Land Scout.

Figure 8: Runner-up Marching Competition: NGO Malaysia Red Cresent (Bulan Sabit Merah Malaysia)

The Malaysia Red Cresent group was also outstanding, snagging a runner-up position in the NGO category.

Figure 9: Second Runner-Up Marching Competition: NGO St. John Ambulance

St. John Ambulance round up the other outstanding team with a second runner-up position.

Figure 10: Marching Competition: NGO Sea scout (Pengakap Laut).

Other teams include the excellent NGO SMK Dato’ Jaafar Sea Scout (Pengakap Laut 2nd JB), which was establish after English College Land Scout. This is another troop with a great history and list of outstanding alumnis.

Figure 11: Winner Marching Competition: GO PKBM (Pasukan Kadet Bersatu Malaysia)

GO SMK Dato’ Jaafar PKBM was the deserving winner for the GO Marching Team.

Figure 12: Marching Competition: Kadet Polis

SMK Dato’ Jaafar Kadet Polis was no less great by becoming the runner-up for the GO Marching competition.

Figure 13: Marching Competition: Kadet Bomba

SMK Dato’ Jaafar Kadet Bomba participated the marching competition.

Frpm 12.30 p.m. until  2.30 p.m., SMK Dato’ Jaafar Gymnastics performed in the school hall. After that, it was followed by martial art from Wushu and Malay Silat. The latter was originally founded in Malaysia. The SMK Dato’ Jaafar Band also performed in the school hall.

Figure 14: Performance by SMK Dato Jaafar Band

SMK Dato’ Jaafar band was performing in the school hall.

Figure 15: Performance by Wushu team

Performance by SMK Dato’ Jaafar Wushu team which formed in 2008 and the first President Ching Yong Han.

Figure 16: Performance by Malay Silat.

One of the great performance by SMK Dato’ Jaafar Malay warrior: Malay Silat with the real action. These students trained every Saturday morning.

At 1.30 p.m., the prize giving ceremony was held in the school hall after these performance. The overall winner for 2010 was Meranti house. Second place went to Keruing house and the third place was shared by two houses which were Balau house and Jati house. All in all, the event was a great success.

For those who participated in this event, do tell us what you think of this event. If you have any photos or stories that you want to post on Berry Berry Easy, we could do it for you too. There were many great and beautifully decorated stalls (especially those Form 6 girls stalls, yup female touches) and performances (too bad, not in time to take the photos) that will be wasted if not shared with the broader public. So do send us the pics or share with us your links if you have blogged about it.

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