STPM Form 6 Academic Grading System (Johor Bahru District)

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Seeing that STPM examinations for the academic year of 2010 is quickly approaching, there are three questions/requests that are in abundance by our Berry Readers. They are namely:

  1. STPM 2010 Tips
  2. STPM 2010 Trial papers/ or other past year papers
  3. STPM 2010 Grading system

The first request will come soon enough but will not be released first as Berry Berry Easy hopes that all students will study all chapters and only look for tips when you have studied everything one round. So tips will come either in September or October, but not in August. The second request would require some time before it can materialise.

So this post focuses on the third request, which is the grading system. The following grading system showed is for the JB district’s STPM Form 6 Academic grading system. It shall not be taken as representing the real STPM, but should give students some idea on the scoring system used.

STPM Form 6 Academic Grading System (Johor Bahru District)

This is a grading system for Form 6 schools in Johor Bahru District.

A (4.00) = 75-100 marks
A- (3.67) = 70-74 marks
B+ (3.33) = 60-69 marks
B (3.00) = 50-59 marks
B- (2.67) = 45 – 49 marks
C+ (2.33) = 40-44 marks
C (2.00) = 35-39 marks
C- (1.67) = 30-34 marks
D+ (1.33) = 25-29 marks
D (1.00) = 20-24 marks
F (0.00) = 0-19 marks

Marks below 35 is consider failed.

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