SPM Biology 2010 – Tips and Predictions for Papers 4551/1, 4551/2 and 4551/3

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For biology SPM students, rejoice!!! The moment you are waiting is here finally, as the topik ramalan, or rather hot topics which you would consider as exams tips is out for SPM Biology 2010 is finally out. This tips is a follow up to the SPM Chemistry 2010 tips published earlier. (As biology students most likely also take chemistry, it’ll be useful to check out the SPM chemistry exams tips) As mentioned many times, exams tips and hot topics should not be the only thing that you study, the Berry Berry Teacher hope that you all still study the traditional hard and smart way, rather than taking the shortcut with tips. So for those who are still studying halfway, it is better that you do not view this page after you have complete studying for this subject

Remember to pay more attention to the * symbol which signifies this year’s possible berry hot topics. (Not to be mixed up with the symbol used for the ramalan of SPM Chemistry earlier) So do read up on endangered ecosystem, and coordination and response (for paper 2 essay, write them out if you will), nutrition and dynamic ecosystem (for paper 3). (Do also check out notes on Berry Notes to complement your revision materials, so make a bookmark using your Internet browser on the notes section if you want to strike A in SPM Biology)

SPM Biology 2010 – Tips and Predictions for Papers 4551/1, 4551/2 and 4551/3

Berry Important Topics (BIT) SPM Biology 2010 is out again! Young Berries do take notes with these entire BITS and do extra revision on these topics. This is just guidance for your revision.

BIT Paper 1

All the questions are evenly distributed, so there are not chances for you to skip any chapter. So work hard on these important chapters!

  • Chapter 2 – Cell Structure and Cell Organisation
  • Chapter 3 – Movement of substances across the plasma membrane
  • Chapter 6 – Nutrition
  • Chapter 10 – Transport
  • Chapter 12 – Coordination and responses
  • Chapter 13 – Reproduction and Growth
  • Chapter 14 – Inheritance

Not so important topic with the average 2 questions every year.

  • Chapter 5 – Cell Division
  • Chapter 7 – Respiration
  • Chapter 11 – Support and Locomotion
  • Chapter 15 – Variation

Totally not important

  • Chapter 1 – Introduction to Biology (0 question in every year)

BIT Paper 2 (Structure)

  • Chapter 2* – Cell Structure and Cell Organisation
  • Chapter 4* – Chemical Composition of the Cell
  • Chapter 5* – Cell division
  • Chapter 8 – Dynamic Ecosystem
  • Chapter 10* – Transportation
  • Chapter 14 – Inheritance
  • Chapter 15 – Variation

Not so important topic

  • Chapter 9 – Endanger ecosystem
  • Chapter 11 – Support and locomotion
  • Chapter 12 – Coordination and Response

BIT Paper 2 (Essay)

  • Chapter 7 – Respiration
  • Chapter 9* – Endangered Ecosystem
  • Chapter 12* – Coordination and Response

BIT Paper 3

  • Chapter 3 – Movement of substances across the plasma membrane
  • Chapter 6* – Nutrition
  • Chapter 8* – Dynamic ecosystem
  • Chapter 12 – Coordination and Response

*SPM Biology 2010 berry hot topic!

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(Disclaimer: Students really should only use tips as last-minute narrowing of scope to study, after you have done studying everything many times and done all your past-year questions. There are not tips 100% or ramalan tepat, anybody who claim so is obviously not speaking the truth. So do only use this tips as supplementary to your studies and remember not to buy tips from websites online.)

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