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Tips, tips and more tips. This is what you all have been requesting for lately. Wait no further as the prediction questions for SPM 2010 and STPM 2010 will be out soon. (Actually the Berry Berry Teacher has already compiled the “ramalan” for SPM Biology and SPM Chemistry)

Please note that the predictions are not what you would call “tips sure kena“, “100% tepat“, “super SPM/STPM tips“, “soalan ramalan SPM/STPM” or any other names you would give it. This is just a study guide to narrow down the scope once you have studied everything. But as usual, BerryBerryEasy would advise all students to study everything and do NOT rely on tips. (Most importantly, do not buy tips as you can get it free here, and there is no such things as 100% accurate tips)

SPM 2010 and STPM 2010 Tips – The List

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Will update this list as more tips are available.

  1. SPM Chemistry 2010
  2. SPM Biology 2010
  3. STPM Chemistry 2010
  4. STPM Biology 2010
  5. SPM Physics 2010
  6. STPM Physics 2010
  7. SPM Chemistry 2010 – Extra – Paper 3: Planning of Experiment

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(If you know of any other tips that you want to share, you can also send to us.)

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