Happy 1st Birthday to Berry Berry Easy

by BerryBerryTeacher

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Berry Berry Easy will turn 1-year old today. It was quite unexpected that Berry Berry Easy could reach the number of Berry Readers that we are serving now. The Berry Team was expecting around 20,ooo page views for our first anniversary instead of the 113600 views that was achieved few hours before our 365 days milestone.

Happy 1st Birthday to Berry Berry Easy

In conjunction with our maiden anniversary, we would like to thank all Berry Readers for your kind support. Hopefully we can keep this effort going on as long as there are demands for it. In our second year, we would hope to make improve upon what we have done and widen the scope covered.

This will be a short post, so we hope all Berry Readers will continue supporting our site. Let’s make studying fun.

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October 24, 2010
October 25, 2010

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