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Berry Berry Easy would like to recommend to all Berry Readers an absolutely wonderful (and popular) education blog called done no other than Joshuatly himself. (Admittedly, like many of his readers, we too are curious about what tly at the end means. So it means “Tee Lien Yu:-) )

Great Malaysia Education Blog – v2

Wait no longer and head directly to if you cannot wait to obtain the study resources from the site.

For those who can wait a bit, here’s the review on the site. The education blog which has already over 1 million hits (10x as much as our humble Berry Berry Easy) from readers all around Malaysia (and probably worldwide internet audience). It’s incredible to think that a one-man education blog by a university student could have such grand impact on this scale among SPM/STPM students in Malaysia.

You could find links to examination tips and trial papers from various states (and even famous schools). His network of resources spreads far and wide as many of his readers submit trial examination papers to him for distribution. So if you want to find trial papers for SPM and STPM, look no further than this site. For those who are less techno-savvy, do not fear too as there is a rather comprehensive FAQ/tutorial site on how to download the resources provided. Hence, with the tagline of “SPM and STPM Tips and Questions: All searchs end here!“, we cannot further disagree with that.

Highlight links from v2 would be:

  1. STPM 2010 Tips  @ (as of 28/10/2010, only those tips from Berry Berry Easy are available. I believe updates will be made on this post when newer tips are available)
  2. SPM 2010 Tips @ (as of 28/10/2010, you may find SPM Physics, Chemistry and Biology tips from Berry Berry Easy. BMSPM’s Bahasa Melayu tips is also linked there)

Please share this link with your friends. Definitely a site approved by the Berry Berry Easy team. Sharing is caring.

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