Physics Tips for SPM and STPM 2010 Might Be Published

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SImilar to SPM and STPM 2009, there was an overwhelming request for SPM Physics 2010 tips and ramalan for STPM Physics 2010. The Berry Berry Team has heard your request loud and clear. As such, we’re undertaking this massive project and will be compiling it for our Berry Readers.

Physics SPM 2010 and STPM 2010 Tips – Possibility

However, this is just a plan and we will only publish it if we are confident enough that we can be reasonably accurate in our analysis for our predictions. Meanwhile, all of you can join our Facebook group to show encouragement and also to get the latest updates. We’re running out of resource, so we’ll only publish when there is demand. We’ll post mini-updates on our Facebook thread, while major news will be posted on the website. So be sure to visit both if you want the latest news on SPM and STPM 2010. One thing though, BerryBerryEasy would advise all students to study everything and do NOT wait for our Physics tips.

Will update this list as more tips are available.

  1. SPM Physics 2010 <~ 15 October 2010> – 70% possible
  2. STPM Physics 2010 <~ 22 October 2010> – 40% possible

Potentially, we’ll try to publish it earlier than the dates stated.

(If you know of any other tips that you want to share, you can also send to us.)

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