SPM Sejarah 2013 – Compulsory Subject for Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia

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Berry Berry Easy wishes to update all teachers, parents and Berry Readers (who are currently Form 2 or younger) on the latest development on the issue of SPM Sejarah as a compulsory subject for SPM 2013.

SPM Sejarah (History) 2013 – SPM Compulsory Subject

In an announcement made in late October 2010 by Education Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, Sejarah (History) has been made a compulsory subject. This means that:

  • For students to pass SPM as a whole, they must pass this subject.
  • This is equivalent to that of Bahasa Melayu/Malaysia (BM) which is also a compulsory subject.

Additionally, history will be made a core subject for primary schools too as:

  • From 2014 onwards, history will be incorporated into Primary School Standard Curriculum.
  • This represents a step forward for history from its current incorporation in Local Studies subject.

As it seemed, the Education Ministry is placing stronger emphasis on history as a module of study for students in Malaysia. Let’s hear it from you Berry Readers on this issue. The Berry Berry Team will gather feedback and may collate findings for another post if we get some response on this issue.

As of 28 october (2:38am), a straw-poll by The Star showed that out of 8752 votes, only 25% or 2147 votes were in agreement with the move. 6605 votes or 75% of respondence preferred that Sejarah is not made a compulsory subject.

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