Pelan Perancangan Tahun 2011 untuk Guru Sekolah Menengah

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The Berry Berry Teacher is pleased to announce more resource for teachers after a long time without providing any resources for teachers. “Pelan Perancangan Tahunan” is typically a time-consuming process when you have no idea how to start writing them (especially for first-time Panitia teacher/Head of panel). The Johor State Education department has made it compulsory for panitia to write “Pelan Perancangan Tahunan” for 2011. (although it is said that this has been in practise in other states for previous years)

Having said that, Berry Berry Easy will be providing example of the different plans for reference.

Pelan Perancangan Tahun 2011 untuk Guru Sekolah Menengah

The four main plans and programs that teachers need to write are:

  1. Pelan Strategik (Strategic plan) <Click here to access the example>
  2. Pelan Taktikal/Tindakan (Tactical plan) <Click here to access the example>
  3. Pelan Operasi (Operation plan) <Click here to access the example>
  4. Program Peningkatan Panitia Matapelajaran <Click here to access the example>

Explanation of the differences between the various plans and programmes.

Briefly, a Pelan Strategik contains general strategies for the implementation of plans to solve issues (usually to improve student’s understanding or grades) which are generic in nature. The Pelan Taktikal elaborates on items from the Pelan Strategik and uses some element of headcount for accountability. Pelan Operasi is an even more detailed version of the tasks presented in the Pelan taktikal which comprehensive writeup of tasks to be conducted to achieve the goals. Finally the Program Peningkatan Panitia Matapelajaran is in its simplest form, a Gantt chart for all teachers within the department to look at the general plan which was agreed upon.

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