Pelan Strategik – untuk Cikgu dan Panitia – How to Write a Good Strategic Plan

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How to Write a “Pelan Strategik” -  With example given for Pelan Strategik SMK Dato Jaafar, JB (Tahun 2011-2012) by Miss Wong Minh Chjiat Isabelle

A strategic plan or “Pelan Strategik” is usually divided into 5 columns, namely:

  • Isu (Issue)
  • Masalah (Problem)
  • Matlamat (Goal)
  • Strategi (Strategy)
  • Indikator Pencapaian (Achievement Indication or Achievement Matrices)

The following example will be written in Malay as it is the language of operation in the school. Hence, it’ll be more beneficial if it is written in Malay for this post, furthermore the example given is based on a real strategic plan of the aforementioned school above. So, to write a good strategic plan, you’ll need to identify a few things and work according to the plan where:

  1. Identify the most pressing issues, but macro issues. (the different between macro and micro issues will be apparent when you go to step 2)
  2. Go to the root cause of the problem and see what exactly (in detail) the problem is. If you cannot isolate the problem, you cannot be said to have identified the problem.
  3. From the isolate problem, you’ll have to set what you want to achieve in a finite time frame. For example, we would want 100% passing rates in 2 years or such.
  4. Obviously, nothing can be done without a strategy, hence we would need to develop the core of this whole paper, which is the strategy to be implemented.
  5. Finally, teachers need to be accountable for their actions, hence there will be achievement indications or matrices to check for the success or failure of the strategic plan.

So, for the example:

Mencapai peratus kelulusan 100% SPM, GPMP 3.5 dan 40% gred A+, A, A- (cemerlang) 
  1. Peratusan lulus matapelajaran Kimia tidak dapat dikekalkan pada 100% dalam SPM 2009 dengan pencapaian peratusan kelulusan 96.43% (-3.57%), GPMP 5.07 (-0.66) dan Percubaan SPM 2010 dengan pencapaian peratusan kelulusan 84.29%, GPMP 4.63
  2. Peratusan pelajar yang mendapat gred A+, A, A- (cemerlang)  bagi matapelajaran Kimia tidak mencapai 35% dalam SPM 2009 (26.79%) dan Percubaan SPM 2010 (31.43%) 
  3. Keupayaan pelajar menjawab bahagian esei pada tahap lemah 
  1. Meningkatkan peratus lulus mata pelajaran Kimia dalam SPM mencapai 100% dan GPMP 3.5 menjelang tahun 2012.
  2. Meningkatkan peratus pelajar mendapat gred A+, A, A- (cemerlang)  bagi matapelajaran Kimia sehingga mencapai 40% menjelang tahun 2012. 
  3. Meningkatkan keupayaan pelajar menjawab bahagian esei sehingga mencapai 60% menjelang 2012. 
  1. Meningkatkan kualiti pengajaran guru mata pelajaran Kimia. 
  2. Meningkatkan kualiti pembelajaran pelajar.
  3. Meningkatkan keupayaan pelajar menjawab bahagian esei.
Indikator Pencapaian
  1. Peratusan pelajar yang lulus mata pelajaran Kimia. 
  2. Peratusan pelajar yang mendapat gred A+, A, A- (cemerlang)  bagi matapelajaran Kimia dalam SPM.
  3. Keupayaan pelajar menjawab bahagian esei.

Now that you have seen an example, the Berry Berry Teacher is pleased to share will all teachers, a full example downloadable in PDF format for your reference. Please click on the following download links to download the PDF file. Do give me feedback if you think this strategic plan can still be improved upon.

<Download Pelan Strategik SDJ Kimia WMCI 2010 >

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