Pelan Taktikal – untuk Cikgu dan Panitia – How to Write a Good Tactical Plan

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How to Write a “Pelan Taktikal”With example given for Pelan Taktikal SMK Dato Jaafar, JB (Tahun 2011-2012) by Miss Wong Minh Chjiat Isabelle

A strategic plan or “Pelan Taktikal” is usually divided into 8 columns, namely:

  • Program (Programme)
  • Objektif (Objective)
  • Tanggungjawab (Responsibility)
  • Tempoh (Duration)
  • Kos/Sumber (Cost/Source of Funding)
  • TOV (Take-Off Value)
  • ETR (Estimated Targeted Results)
  • Indikator Pencapaian (Achievement Indication or Achievement Matrices)

Similar to the pelan strategik, the following example will be written in Malay as it is the medium of operation in Malaysia. As the example given is based on a real strategic plan of the aforementioned school above, it will naturally be written in Malay. So, the content of a good tactical plan must consist of the following items, such as (with explanation):

  1. Program: Programmes undertaken to overcome the issues stated Pelan Strategik earlier in detail (for the entire year).
  2. Objectives: This will explain the main thrusts of the programme for the issues that will be tackled.
  3. Responsibility: This specifies the people in charge of the specific task.
  4. Duration: Timeframe of the task.
  5. Cost/Source of Funding: This specifies the estimated cost/budget of the specific programme and how the funding will be obtained.
  6. TOV: Here, the TOV is taken to be the baseline (set at the beginning of the program) upon which the ETR is set/compared upon. A number/percentage must be given here.
  7. ETR: Estimated student achievement assuming that the program goes according to plan. Similar to TOV, a number must be given too.
  8. Achievement Indication: This links to the ETR to give a meaning to the ETR in worded form on what must be achieved.

So, for the example:

Orientasi Sukatan Pelajaran Baru Kimia Tingkatan 4
Pengenalan Sukatan Baru
Ketua Panitia dan guru matapelajaran Kimia Tingkatan 4
90% pelajar tingkatan 4
100% pelajar tingkatan 4
Indikator Pencapaian
Peratusan pelajar mengenali sukatan pelajaran Kimia

Now that you have seen an example, the Berry Berry Teacher is pleased to share will all teachers, a full example downloadable in PDF format for your reference. Please click on the following download links to download the PDF file. Do give me feedback if you think this tactical plan can still be improved upon.

<Download Pelan Taktikal aka Pelan Tindakan SDJ Kimia WMCI 2010 >

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