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How to Write a “Program Peningkatan”With example given for Program Peningkatan Panitia Kimia SMK Dato Jaafar, JB (Tahun 2011-2012) by Miss Wong Minh Chjiat Isabelle

A strategic plan or “Pelan Operasi” is usually divided into 6 columns, namely:

  • Aktiviti (Activity)
  • Objektif (Objective)
  • Sasaran (Target)
  • Perlaksanaan (Execution – Gantt Chart)
  • Tindakan (Person In-charge)
  • Catatan (Extra Notes)

A “Program Peningkatan” is an amalgamation of the strategic, tactical and operational plan which most strikingly contain a Gantt chart for easy referencing. Although it is less detailed than either of the 3 aforementioned plans, it is one of the most important piece of paper for a teacher to check their progress against. So, a good ‘Program Peningkatan’ will consist of:

  1. Activity: Simply just the name of the activity.
  2. Objectives: This will explain the main thrusts of the programme for the issues that will be tackled.
  3. Targeted : This specifies the targeted group (beneficiaries). Example, in a project to improve the vocabulary of students, the targeted group will be the students themselves.
  4. Execution/Gantt Chart: The time frame of the execution of the tasks are shown in Gantt chart form. Needless to ssay, this is the most important part of the whole paper to ensure that the plan is conducted according to the time alloted.
  5. Person In-charge: This lists out the teachers who are in-charge for this specific project.
  6. Extra Notes: Any extra notes that is note covered earlier or required extra attention is mentioned in this column.

So, for the example:

Orientasi Sukatan Pelajaran Baru Kimia Tingkatan 4
Pengenalan Sukatan Baru
Sasaran Perlaksanaan
  J F M A M J J O S O N D
Tingkatan 4 Sains                
Ketua Panitia
Setiap pelajar diberikan satu edaran format peperiksaan terkini

Now that you have viewed an example, the Berry Berry Teacher is pleased to share will all teachers and panitia-panitia (head of panels), a full example downloadable in PDF format for your reference. Please click on the following download links to download the PDF file. Do give me feedback if you think this operational plan can still be improved upon.

<Download Program Peningkatan SDJ Kimia WMCI 2010 >

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