SPM Chemistry 2010 – Frequently Asked Questions for Paper 2 Section A

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Answering techniques and norms to be followed for exams are among questions that were most frequently asked. As such, Miss Isabelle Wong, the Berry Berry Teacher wishes to answer all of your queries with a FAQ on the general rules and answering techniques, and all questions that you wanted to ask but dare not to do so, in fear that it is a stupid question. Remember that there is no stupid questions.

So do read below for some of the most frequently asked questions for SPM 2010 Chemistry Paper 2 Section A. Do share them with your friends too. You may also ask questions on the comments section upon which we will update this FAQ to the benefit of all our Berry Readers.

SPM Chemistry 2010 – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for General Answering Technique – Paper 2 Section A

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FAQ – SPM 2010 Chemistry Paper 2 Section A

The SPM question Paper 2 Section A (Question 1 – 6) (Answer all questions) consist of 60 marks in total. In this section, students need to answer all 6 structure questions. These are a few general questions that students like to ask.

1) What is the first thing students need to do when students see the question paper?

I would suggest that students should write out the Electrochemistry Series / Reactivity Series / Group 1 in Periodic Table / Group 17 in Periodic Table on the question paper (use pencil so that later can erase it). ‘Vomit out’ everything that you need to memorise and use later on.

2) Can students write in point form in Section A?

The answer is no. You are suggested to answer question in a complete sentence (not in point form).

3) Are students’ handwriting important?

A lot of students did not know that students’ handwriting is also one of the very important key point to score. A neat and clear handwriting is very crucial for the examiner to find/search for students’ points/marks. And try not (if possible do not use) liquid paper/correction pen/correction tape. It will look messy and within certain period, the mistake you try to cover by these products might appear back in your answer script. Students just need to cancel the mistake by draw a line on it. Besides that, do not use pencil in answering the questions! [Just remember that most paper markers will try to help students rather than penalise students, so help them to help yourself]

4)  How to draw the set-up of the apparatus diagrams?

In Chemistry, all the set-up of the apparatus diagrams must be drawn with the use of a ruler and not free-hands (can be in pencil). The set-up of the apparatus diagram must be logical and clear. Students must remember to label all the apparatus and material.

5) Is the spelling important?

The answer is yes for the entire chemical name or chemical process. You need to spell it correctly, for example phenolphthalein (if you cannot remember, just use the technique of separating it as ‘phenol ph tha lein’ although you will still need to write it as phenolphthalein) and saponification (remember by separate it as saponifi cation).

6) What are the THREE MOST IMPORTANT things to master for SPM Chemistry Candidates?

And the most important 3 things for all the Chemistry students are that must be able to write a balance chemical equations, half equations and ionic equations.


Please inform us if you need to ask any more questions.

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