SPM Chemistry Experiment Photo – by Cikgu Nicola Yong (aka Nico Bella)

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Berry Berry Easy has been overwhelmed by requests for photos of experiments conducted in SPM level for all science subjects. Due to limited resource, we could only produce limited amount of write-up for experiments. However, we have a good recommendation to share with all if any Berry Readers are looking for SPM Chemistry Experiment photos. With the blessings of the generous and hardworking Cikgu Nicola, we would like to share with all readers her wonderful blog.

SPM Chemistry Experiment Photo – by Cikgu Nicola Yong (aka Nico Bella)

Site: Chemistry Experiment Photo Gallery
URL: http://chemistryexperimentphotogallery.blogspot.com
Author: Cikgu Nicola Yong @ Nico Bella
Content: Great photos on SPM Chemistry experiments (with more to come)

Cikgu Nicola

Cikgu Nicola

So who would benefit from the site? Actually, any students or teachers who wants to get acquaintant with the experiments conducted prior to the actual experiment would benefit from it. Students who missed out on crucial points or have forgotten important aspects of the experiments could also access those photos to refresh their minds. There are enough photos collected over a span of 12 months since December 2009 to December 2010 to guide students to better understanding of SPM Chemistry experiments.

Among selected experiment lists as of 6 November 2010 are (not in any particular order):
(The links are clickable.)

Form 4

Form 5


(We highly recommend all Berry Readers to view the chemicals too as this will allow better retention of knowledge expecially on how those chemicals looks like. Picture paints a thousand words.)

A little special mini-profile on Cikgu Nicola:

  • Name: Nicola Yong Siaw Hui
  • School: SMK Kubong, Limbang, Sarawak.
  • Year of service: 9 years
  • Award: Anugerah Guru Inovatif 2009 Bahagian Limbang

Berry Berry Easy would also hope to have this large repertoire of experiment photos in the future, but at the moment, we recommend Cikgu Nicola’s website. So for those who have been asking for experiment photos, make sure you do not miss this site. Do give our award-winning and experience teacher’s site a try, the Berry Team guarantees that you’ll gain better understanding on your experiments. Go visit it now, we insist!

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