STPM 2010 – Reader’s Tip-Off

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BerryBerryEasy is grateful for all the letters of support sent in by readers and parents. Also equally grateful is the tip-off shared by our Berry Readers for the benefit of all STPM candidates. This shall be a compilation of all STPM 2010 tips from comments, emails and the Berry Bising Box provided by our readers irrespective of subjects, so keep them coming.

STPM 2010 – Reader’s Tip-Off

STPM Biology 2010 – Paper 2

Abirami’s Tip-Off

  • Mutation: Genetic diseases due to mutation – Sickle cell anemia, B-thalessimia major, Turner Syndrome, Klinifelter Syndrome and also Down Syndrome
  • Homeostasis: Urine Production, Regulation of water content, Regulation of Blood sodium level and Osmoregulation in plants
  • Gaseous Exchange: structure of haemoglobin (probably combine with the break down of haemoglobin by liver cells), Bohr’s Effect(foetal and maternal) and Breathing Cycle
  • Endosymbiotic Theory of Mithocondria and Chloroplast and Plant tissue
  • Evolution
  • Taxonomy
  • DNA: Beadle and Tatum Experiment, DNA replication – Meselson and Stahl’s Experiment)

Pavitra Kanesan’s Tip-Off

  • Sliding Filament of Muscle
  • Urine Formation

*Seemed like urine formation is really a hot topic spotted around Malaysia for STPM Biology 2010, so make sure you pay special attention to it. Many thanks to Abirami and Pavitra Kanesan for their kindness in sharing the tips.

Please keep the tips coming in for the greater good of everybody. Once again, do not rely heavily on tips, studying earnestly is still the best way to tackle exams.

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