STPM Ekonomi 1 (Mikroekonomi) 2010 – Tips and Predictions for Paper 944/1 (Mikroekonomi)

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Continuing from where she left off in Tips for Pengajian Am in Berry Berry Easy, Cikgu Manisah is back with more STPM 2010 predictions for STPM 2010 Ekonomi. We have with us this time,ramalan for Kertas Mikroekonomi with predictions of chapters involving the economic system (Sistem Ekonomi), Changes of DD-Qd-SS-Qs and their factors (Perubahan DD, Qd, SS dan Qs + Faktor), Production Cost Theory (Teori Pengeluaran Kos), Monopoly and Price Discrimination (PPS + Monopoli dan Diskriminasi Harga), Distribution Theory (Teori Agihan) and Role of Government (Peranan Kerajaan).

So do check out the tips shared by Cikgu Manisah below and make sure to take note of the * which denotes Berry Important Topics. Do also join our Facebook group for latest last-minute updates direct to your social networking account. We are also planning to send out last-minute tips via mail for those who choose the Google Friends Connect option. In anyway, please spread the word out to your friends if you find the tips below by Cikgu Manisah as important. Sharing is caring.

STPM Ekonomi 1 (Mikroekonomi) 2010 – Tips and Predictions for Paper 944/1 (Mikroekonomi)

Tips and Ramalan Ekonomi 1 (Mikroekonomi) 2010

  • Bab 1: Sistem Ekonomi, KKP dan Kos Lepas
  • Bab 2*: Perubahan DD & Perubahan Qd, Perubahan SS & Perubahan Qs & Faktor mempengaruhi DD & SS
  • Bab 5: Teori Pengeluaran Kos
  • Bab7 *: PPS dan Monopoli & Diskriminasi Harga
  • Bab 9: Teori Agihan (Sewa ekonomi, Perolehan Pindahan dan sewa kuasi)
  • Bab 10*: Peranan Kerajaan (Beban Cukai dan Faedah Subsidi)

* Berry Important Topic

Manisah Ahmad

[As with all tips from Berry Berry Easy, please do NOT only study the aforementioned topics. It is more important to obtain general knowledge on everything. Sometimes understanding is more important than scoring for exams in the long-run. So by all means, please use the tips but do not substitute it for actual studying. Don't forget to study all the other chapters too]

Stay tune for the “teknik menjawab” on the upcoming post also by Cikgu Manisah.

===============Update: 15th November 2010 ===============

Updates (as answered by Cikgu Manisah on queries from the comments):

Q: Example of “faedah subsidi” – by Lee
A: Faedah subsidi yg paling famous ialah subsidi minyak petrol.

Additional information on possible focus of questions:
Fokus Soalan tentang Beban cukai & faedah subsidi bg soalan dalam bahagian D.(soalan Kuantitatif)

Contah soalan:
P = 40 – 4Q
P = 10 + 2Q

Kerajaan memberi subsidi sebanyak RM 2.00 kepada firma.
(i) Bentukkan fungsi penawaran yg baru?
Kerajaan mengenakan cukai sebanyak RM 2.00 kepada firma.
(i) Bentukkan fungsi penawaran yg baru?

Do drop comments and check back for updates. :-)

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