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UPSR 2010 Results is finally out on 11 November 2010. Berry Berry Easy would like to share the summary of what was found in our local papers. We read it so you don’t have to.

The general performance showed improvement at the higher end with more straight As but with lesser candidates getting the minimum Grade C. Surprisingly, the total number of UPSR candidates decreased by 24286 students with only 482334 pupils sitting for UPSR 2010 as compared to 506620 for UPSR 2009.

Ujian Penilaian Sekolah Rendah 2010 Results

Overview of Results:


  • Overall National Grade improved marginally by 0.02%.
  • 48327 out of 482334 students who took the UPSR examination in 2010 obtained all As. This equates to 10.02% of all students scoring straight As.
  • This is an improvement over 2009′s straight As percentage of 9.51% of all students.
  • Datuk Abdul Ghafar Mahmud, the Education Director-General mentioned that based on the National Average Grade (an index to gauge the achievement of school examination candidates in Malaysia), the 2010 performance is the best in four years.
  • Total candidates obtaining lower than minimum grade (ie Grade D/E) decreased by 3.39% (3955) for UPSR 2010 as compared to UPSR 2009′s 3.99%.
  • Slight decrease in gap between urban and rural pupils for UPSR 2010 in certain subgroup:
    Good Results -  at 3.15% as compared to the gap of 3.60% in UPSR 2009.
    Good Performance - decreased by 0.16% with urban pupils performing better.


  • Total candidates who scored at least a minimum Grade C dropped by 1.37% (8731) as compared to UPSR 2009.
  • Overall gap between urban/rural pupils increased marginally by 0.01%.

A) Subject-by-subject Analysis

Grade A obtained by UPSR 2010 candidates increased by 1.9% as compared to UPSR 2009.

Grade A obtained by UPSR 2010 candidates increased by 1.7% as compared to UPSR 2009.

Malay Language
National schools
- Improve performance in Comprehension (Pemahaman) with improvement of 4.5% obtaining Grade A
- Deterioration in performance for Writing Skills (Penulisan) with Grade A dropping by 8.9% of UPSR 2009 candidates’ level.

National-type school
- Decline in Grade A by 2.9% as compared to UPSR 2009 for BM Comprehension.
- Decrease in Grade A by 3.4% as compared to UPSR 2009 for BM Writing Skills.

[Note that assessment for national and national-type school were conducted individually as the scope are different and time allocation for the teaching of the subject is different. Hence, it'll be unfair to compare like-to-like.]

English Language
National schools
- Average grade improved by 2.74% as compared to the UPSR 2009 level of 2.79.

National-type school
- Similarly, the average grade improved by 2.69% as compared to the UPSR 2009 level of 2.80.

Aptitude Test
Pupil’s preference showed that:
- Increased preference in field of: Social, Cultural and Sports
- Did not show increased preference: Technical, Vocational and Academic
[Note that, results is not an absolute measure as preference will change over time]

State-by-State Round-up:

1) Kelantan

  • Ahmad Faiz Ibrahim of SK Kubang Kerian I scored 4As + 1B despite the hardship of having cerebral palsy. A very impressive results if you were to ask us all at Berry Berry Easy. Congrats to Saudara Ahmad Faiz Ibrahim.
  • 5127 pupils of 14.49% of the 36264 UPSR 2010 candidates scored straight As.
  • SK Pangkal Nering, Pasir Mas is th best school in the state with a great average grade of 1.38.

2) Kedah

  • In another inspiring roundup, psoriasis sufferer, Nur Zaharatulnaim Hasbollah of SK Jitra 3 scored 5As. This is inspite of having to sit for her exams by the hospital bed.
  • 3866 UPSR 2010 candidates from Kedah scored straight As.

3) Kuala Lumpur

  • Sekolah Kebangsaan Taman Tun Dr Ismail  is the undisputed best school in the Federal Territory with more than half of its pupils scoring straight Grade As. 105 out of 204 UPSR 2010 pupils in that school achieved that distinction.
  • Overall, 10.93% or 2548 out of 23305 students scored straight As.

4) Negeri Sembilan

  • Rural schools did proud over in Negeri Sembilan with Sekolah Model Khas Batu Kikir and Sekolah Kebangsaan Pulapah emerging as the top UPSR schools in Negeri Sembilan.
  • Overall, straight As pupils consist of 2324 out of the total 18790 UPSR 2010 candidates.
  • This represented an improvement of 12.4% from UPSR 2009′s level.

5) Terengganu

  • Terengganu emerged as the top UPSR performer for the 10th consecutive year in the country.
  • A total of 35 schools (majority of them rural schools) were listed asw top performers in UPSR 2010.

6) Johor

  • Out of the 58197 UPSR 2010 candidates, results for the UPSR 2010 candidates released showed that 6172 pupils obtained all Grade As.
  • As for the highest number of UPSR straight As top scorers, national-type school, SJKC Kup Kuang 2 were named top in the state with 97 candidates scoring straight As. This is followed by SK Bandar Uda and SJK Foon Yew 1 with 91 and 90 top scorers, respectively.

7) Pahang

  • 3068 UPSR 2010 candidates in the state obtained all As.
  • As for school performance, 26 out of 534 schools had their students passing all their subjects.

8 ) Melaka/Malacca

  • Out of 14473 candidates, 1505 UPSR 2010 candidates scored all As in the subjects taken.
  • 9928 pupils scored at least a Grade C for all their subjects.
  • Overall state performance showed an improvement in the state average grade at 2.18 as compared to 2.23 for UPSR 2009.

9) Sabah

  • For high performers, 1190 out of 43486 UPSR 2010 pupils obtained Grade As for the subjects taken.
  • Those with a minimum of Grade C for all subjects amounted to 47.38% of 20602 candidates in the state.

C) Consequences of UPSR 2010

Peninsular : Only students with 5As will be considered for boarding schools.
Sabah: Minimum requirement for qualification to boarding school is 4As + 1B.
Sarawak: Minimum requirement for qualification to boarding school is 4As + 1B.



Congratulation from Berry Berry Easy to all high scorers in UPSR 2010. For those who did not do as well, do not give up hope too. The journey is still long for you to prove yourselves. As for those who did well, please maintain your excellent performance.

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