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Berry Berry Easy’s Tuition Services




Subject: English/Maths/Add Maths
Area: Semenyih/Kajang/Cheras/Shah Alam + nearby region (location negotiable)
Tuition Fees: Starting from RM50/hour per pax, depending on level and location
Tutor: Berry Berry Jenius, Jo-Han, Final year PhD student
Experience in tutoring: 8 years since 2003
Language Ability: English, Malay, Mandarin, German, Spanish (beginner), soon French.
Available: Subject to availability.

English (Standard 1-Form 6) *Hot Item* (Pending availability)

Learn English using the method developed by Berry Berry Jenius, Jo-Han
- Berry English Rebuilding Method
A method acquired from learning many languages and using the finer points of each techniques learnt.

Forget about the typical English course which is designed overseas and is more suited for non-Malaysians. Malaysian students actually need a programme which is tailored for their needs. This is where the Berry English Rebuilding Method comes into place, as it focuses on rebuilding grammar from scratch. The Berry English Rebuilding Method is specially useful for Malaysian students as most of the time proper English grammar is not taught properly in school or it is treated as a nuisance by students.

However, think of it not as boring English lessons as you’ll learn:

1) Grammar
You’ll be asked to discard all learnt grammatical rules and relearn only what is really useful in daily life, at least in the Malaysian context. You’ll never be overwhelmed as harder grammatical rules will only be taught once you master the simpler ones. The part where our method is different and more effective from others is on the relearning of rules. Other language centres teaches you grammatical rules on top of what you have learnt, we implore you to erase what you have in your mind and restarting afresh.

2) Listening
You’ll first be taught to listen, as without listening and understanding the sounds, you cannot understand and reproduce the sound. It’s like learning music, you need to know the notes before you can produce accurate notes. You’ll be given material to listen which distinguish our method with that of other language centre.

3) Immersing
Ever wondered why the learning of foreign language is frequently unsuccessful, or at best forgotten after a number of years? This is due to the lack of immersion in the language. The Berry Method follows the principle that if you don’t immerse yourself in the language, you cannot possibly retain what you have learnt. Once again, the Berry Method is different from others as we focus on immersion. We will also only use English fully, and no translation is used in class. It is difficult at first but rewarding.

4) Speaking
You’ll be asked to speak in simple and shorter sentences at first before moving to more complex sentences. We believe in speaking 100% accurate sentences which are simple rather than complex sentences with 20% mistakes. It is actually harder to only speak in short sentences for a long conversation. The situational role-play for conversations is where the Berry Method stands apart.

5) Vocabulary
Similar to speaking, the Berry Method focuses on increasing your vocabulary yet ensuring that your vocabulary grows in an organic manner. We will ensure that you fully understand a word when you use it. Also, we’ll point out the finer point of speaking. The part where the Berry Method is different from others is that we let you improve your vocabulary naturally rather than enforce them upon you.

6) Writing
The hardest aspect of English for Malaysian students is without doubt, the writing portion of English. Most language centres do not guide you on writing as they only focus on daily conversations. The Berry Method distinguishes by ensuring that your written English is up to par. Added benefits include learning to write very good factual essays which is crucial for exams.

With the six points, your command of the English language can only improve if you try out the Berry English Rebuilding Method. If you are interested (one-on-one, small groups), please write a mail to for more details. Please also include your personal academic information and contact details. Tuition centres need not apply.


Maths/Add Maths (Standard 1 – Form 5)
As I’m currently a final year PhD student in the field of Engineering, mathematics can be considered as my forte!


Robotics Training

For schools in Selangor who wants to participate in robotics competition – Open Category but do not know how to do it,
-> A one-day seminar can be requested and the package includes:
- Brainstorming
- Idea conception (An idea for the competition will be given)
- Idea implementation
- Presentation aspect
- How to write reports and create posters
For interested robotics clubs, you may write to me at for a price quote. You would be ready to start work on the competition after the seminar.


Other Subjects and Locations

You may also write in to us at if you want to enquire on the availability of other subjects and locations. We might know some capable tutors who can do the job.


Robotics Training

For schools in Selangor who wants to participate in robotics competition – Open Category but do not know how to do it,

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