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SPM 2010 Results (Sijil Peperiksaan Malaysia) is finally announced by Ketua Pengarah Pelajaran (Education Director-General), Datuk Abdul Ghafar Mahmud. Berry Berry Easy would like to congratulations to all who scored well in the exams and would also like to extend an arm to comfort those who did below their own expectation. Whether good or bad, this results is just the start of a new journey, a passport to tertiary education, a pit-stop in your long journey of lifelong learning.

Similar to SPM 2009 results announcement, we will try to compile all the news from various news source to bring you the latest updates as news start to flow in. So, here you go, SPM 2010 Results on the 23rd of March 2010.

Summary of SPM Results 2010 – 23rd March 2011 – The Summary (Final update 4:59pm, 24rd March 2011)

Breaking SPM 2010 news :


General Performance

  • 368,559 SPM 2010 candidates successfully passed the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia 2010 examinations as compared to 364,046 candidates for the SPM 2009 examinations. SPM 2008 had 347,443 candidates passing the examination.
  • This meant that overall passes for SPM 2010 rose by 0.4% from the 90.8% from SPM 2009. (As such, 91.2% of all students passed the SPM 2010 examinations)
  • The results for SPM 2010 are considered to be the best in 4 years according to Datuk Abdul Ghafar Mahmud. This is said to be due to allowing students to take only 10 subjects, although 2 addtional subjects could be taken (but results are only based on 10 subjects)
  • The Average National Grade (GPN) for SPM 2010 is 5.19. This is an improvement from 5.34 in SPM 2009. (Lower GPN is better)
  • Overall performance in 55 subjects increased by 3% for excellent grade, while 39 remained stable. However 9 subjects showed decline in performance.
  • Candidates who obtained credits (between B+ to C) increased in 18 subjects, remained stable in 43 subjects. However, 42 subjects have their candidates having credits reduced.
  • Passing with grades D and E is reduced by 3% in 31 different subjects.
  • 66 schools were considered to have the potential to do better. Most of the other schools were graded as excellence, good and satisfactory.

Urban and Rural Comparison

  • The gap between urban candidates and rural candidates became smaller with GPN reduced by 0.18 from 2009.
  • Rural candidates performed better than urban candidates for: Bahasa Melayu and Science.
  • Urban candidates performed better than rural candidates for: English, Islamic Education, History, Mathematics, and Moral Studies

The Distinctions

  • 9,239 SPM 2010 candidates scored straight As in all subjects taken. This is defined as scoring a combination of only A+, A and A-. By contrast, 7,987 SPM 2009 students achieved the same feat out of 465,853 candidates overall (1.71%).
  • 363 candidates scored straight super distinctions (only A+s) in SPM 2010 as compared to 219 for Sijil Peperiksaan Malaysia 2009 (0.046%). [We can then conclude that the score for A+ is 90%.]
  • Straight As scorers for 9-10 subjects increased, while it decreased for straight As students with 11-12 subjects.
  • 7 out of 319 candidates with special needs who managed to get the SPM 2010 certification scored straight As. 3 of them with low-vision, 2 visually impaired, 1 hearing impaired and 1 with several disabilities.
  • The list of top students and top schools in SPM 2010 will be announced on Friday, 25 March 2011 by Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

Failed Candidates

  • 2,773 SPM 2010 students failed in all their subjects, this is a reduction from SPM 2009′s 2,877 students.


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