Universities in Malaysia 2011/2012 – Over 200,000 Places

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Universities in Malaysia, irrespective of public or private universities have a combined total of over 200,000 places to offer to post-SPM,  post-STPM, post-graduate students who wish to pursue their tertiary education studies in Malaysia. This post from Berry Berry Easy is summarised from The Star for Berry Reader’s viewing pleasures or for those who missed it when it was published on newspapers.

Universities in Malaysia 2011/2012 – In Excess of 200,000 Slots for Tertiary Education Studies

  • What: Total number of universities places in Malaysia
  • When: 2011/2012 intake (academic session)
  • How many spots: > 200,000 places
  • Public or private universities: Both are taken into consideration before this number is published
  • Who: For propestive post-SPM, post-STPM and post-Graduate students who wish to enter universities in Malaysia.

This was announced by Deputy Prime Minister and Education Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin at the 7th Jom Masuk U 2011 Higher Education Carnival. He also mentioned that for the 2011 student academic intake, 100,500 slots are available and spreaded in technical field, vocational field and skill training across 27 polytechnics and 323 public skills training institutes. This high intake is undertaken to enhace access to quality and affordable education in order to raise the standards of education in Malaysia. Also, there will be attempts to make quality education available for pre-schoolers, primary and secondary school children to prepare them for success at universities.

At the moment, there are in excess of 580,000 students taking their first undergraudate degree, Masters degree and PhDs at both public and private institutions of higher learning in Malaysia.

In a non-related issue, we’ll take the opportunity to also show the QS Asian University ranking for some of Malaysia’s Universities as published on The Star in May 2010.

Malaysian Universities in QS Asian University ranking 2010 - The Star May 2010

Malaysian Universities in QS Asian University ranking 2010 - The Star May 2010

So what do our Berry Readers think? Are the 200,000 new slots enough to bring our country forward? Should we have more? Or should we restrict to improve quality? What’s your take on this issue?

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