JPA Scholarship Review/Appeal 2011 for SPM 2010 Candidates

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Breaking News!!! For those who are in a limbo of not getting JPA scholarship despite having ‘good enough’ results need to pay attention to this news. Berry Berry Easy will condense the latest news report regarding this issue, so if you are involved, please read this post or if you know a friend who might need this information, please spread the news around.

JPA Scholarship Review/Appeal 2011 for SPM 2010 Candidates

* Note that JPA is known as PSD – Public Service Department in English

Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam

What: Review of scholarship applications of top students who failed to garner the scholarship (local and overseas).


  • Controversy arose due to discrepancy in awarding the JPA scholarship and the announced Cabinet directives.
  • A portion of full straight A+s students failed to get (overseas) scholarships and were instead offered local matriculation/diploma scholarships.

Actions to take:

  • According to Dr Wee Ka Siong, students are advised to accept the scholarship and then submit application for appeal
  • Students who wish to appeal can write to
  • Please also include the offer letters and other relevant documents involved in the JPA scholarship application
  • Please submit by today (20th May 2011) as appeals will be sift through by the organisation during the weekends. So it’s a good idea to submit as early as possible. Results will be announced by Monday.

Statistics (so far)

  • 31 students have appealed for a review of their JPA scholarship 2011 application.

(News obtained from:

Berry Berry Easy advises that involved students drop everything that you are doing now and appeal as soon as possible. Although not specifically mentioned, the appeal service should be applicable to all SPM 2010 candidates who did not get the JPA scholarship/JPA scholarship of their choice.

What’s your take on this? Will this problem (which reccurs every year) ever be banished? Can the brain drain of top talents be worsened through this continuing episode? What improvements can be made to remedy this issue? We’ll love to hear your comments and highlight top comments on a separate post.


Let us share with our readers some of the selected comments thus far:

Comments from Generation[Y]

Brain drain will never vanish with this ongoing problem of lack of transparency and meritocracy in even the distribution of scholarships to needy students. So much for the Economic Transformation Program … government cannot even retain talent within our country, and this annual incidence further motivates students like us to migrate out to seek better pastures and better places that welcome our intelligence. Hopefully, because of the efforts of YB Datuk Wee Ka Siong, things will be in for a change, and government officials behind this mess will finally be brought to light.

  • Berry Berry Easy’s reply: Thanks for your insights on this issue and well-written comment. It’s always a loss to the nation when skilled talents have to leave the country or choose not to return from an overseas study stint due to the lack of opportunities in the country. In the event that this issue is not resolved, then the affected students should not be named as being not patriotic to the nation’s cause shall they choose to migrate to other places.

the worst part is that these students who migrate out of no choice, are labelled by the government as betrayers and the cause of brain drain in this country. How are we suppose to cultivate good students to stay locally and improve our standards of living when they don’t feel welcome to serve Malaysia ? Of course, facing the fact that this has been an ongoing problem for decades and that no clear solution has ever been implemented, let’s just face it. We should name this season of the year as JPA season.

  • Berry Berry Easy’s reply: Labelling students who migrated due to lack of opportunities as traitor and cause of brain drain is not going to be productive to any parties.Name calling of this sort occurs when people cannot differentiate between symptom and disease. Although unlikely to happen, but if an anonymous survey (on reasons for migration) can be conducted to the skilled Malaysian workers who have migrated, this will probably open up another dimension to view the current brain drain situation. Nonetheless, even if brain drain isn’t a problem, it seemed that the public is calling for a more transparent and efficient method of awarding the scholarship. Hopefully by 2012, the so called JPA season will be something for all to rejoice.

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