JPA Scholarships Guaranteed for Students with 8A+ and Above

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Good news to all top scorers of Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) 2010. Those who scored very well will be rewarded with a Public Service Department (PSD) scholarship. Students might be more familiar with the name JPA rather than PSD, but they are the same nonetheless. Just in different language. So Berry Berry Easy would like to share this piece of great news with all Berry Readers.

JPA Scholarships Guaranteed for Students with 8A+ and Above

Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam


  • Students with 8A+ and above in SPM 2010 will be guaranteed a JPA scholarship.
  • No mention on the criteria to obtain an overseas JPA scholarship.


  • Reward students without consideration for the race, essentially a colour-blind policy.
  • Train more students.
  • Encourage future students to perform well.


  • Second year that the A+ grade is used in SPM examinations.
  • Easier criteria as compared to SPM 2009 scholars who were only guaranteed of a JPA scholarship if the scored 9A+ or above.

So for those who are taking SPM this year, keep your fingers crossed and hope that this policy will continue. At the very least, you should try to do well in order to get this scholarship to alleviate the cost of study from your parents.


We have an interesting comment from an unknown reader on the JPA scholarship issue. As we are not experts yet in the application of JPA scholarships, we’ll be posting the comment in its entirety without editing. In short, it’s a constructive yet upbeat comment about the possibility of PILN spots to grab, the dilemma facing those with 8A+ and below and others. So do read on and give your comments on this.

Only those who applied for JPA and was invited to attend the interview and got 8A+ will be confirmed to get PIDN ( Dalam Negara ) scholarship. PILN ( Luar Negara ) is still open to everyone who applied and attend the interview. There are still chances to those who got 8A+ below to get PILN or PIDN, why? There are a lots of student who flunk their BM with B+ eventho they got 8A+ . The criteria to pass the 1st round ( application form ) is MAINLY all the CORE subject must be atleast an A- . So, 8A+ and 1B+ (BM/BI/MATHS/MORAL/PAI/HISTORY) is useless.

and there are also student who forgot to do the Ujian Bertulis ( the YES & NO question ) . So, there’s still a chance. Will it be fair if those 8A+ get the interview without passing the MAIN CRITERIA in the first place? And if they didn’t even attend the interview, they got their SCHOLARSHIP freely? That’s not fair at all. Then if the policy said only 8A+ will get the JPA scholarship — then, what is the use of calling those who got 8A+ below to attend the interview? That’s mere ridiculous.

p/s – Don’t lose your hope guys!! There’s still hope everywhere. Positive positive positive.. ~

So Berry Readers, what’s your thoughts on this?

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