Conclusion of JPA Scholarship 2011 Issue

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Results for the JPA scholarship 2011 appeal is finally out. Berry Berry Easy would like to help Berry Readers to understand the whole issue by condensing the many news reports about this issue. Basically there are two main outstanding issue unresolved which were recently resolved. So they are:

Conclusion of JPA Scholarship 2011 Issue

Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam

What: JPA Scholarship 2011 Controversy
Why: Segment of top students failed to obtain Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam (JPA) Overseas Scholarship (also known as the Public Service Department (PSD) overseas scholarships)

The issues and resolvement:

ISSUE 1: 86 Top SPM 2010 Students

86 top SPM 2010 students (who are 9A+ scorers) failed to obtain JPA overseas scholarship or the courses of their choice were left in a dilemma. However, the storm is about to be calmed as the Malaysian cabinet has stepped up to resolve the issue through awarding scholarships at local private higher education insititutes. While this might not represent a perfect match for the students involve but it represents a compromise as:

  • This involves twinning degrees, where students will still be able to study overseas.
  • This is due to the nature of twinning degrees which allow students to begin their courses in Malaysia and complete them in the twinning institute/university (foreign partner university).

Cost of the Issue

  • The scholarships totalled up RM26.1 million
  • Initially, the JPA (local) offers would have only amounted to RM14.8 million, and would have ballooned to RM52.1 million if all 86 were to be sent overseas.
  • The appeal for the 86 places is given in addition to the originally 1500 overseas scholarships planned.

ISSUE 2: Diploma offers for 67 9A+ and 103 8A+ students

A total of 67 9A+ and 103 8A+ SPM 2010 candidates were offered diploma courses. They would now be given matriculation programmes up to degree level locally.


  • Although not perfect matches, but all students who obtained straight A+ were awarded scholarships in one way or another.


  • The JPA scholarship will be reviewed as the increasing number of top students every passing year makes the scholarship scheme unsustainable.
  • Students who failed to score at least 8A+ need not feel too down as there is a possibility of 500 local scholarships to be awarded through the 1Malaysia Development Board (1MDB)

This should be the end of the JPA Scholarship Issue for Year 2011. Berry Berry Easy would like to hear your opinions regarding the manner this issue is resolved for the 86 top students. Is it fair to them? Should the RM52.1 million be invested on those students nonetheless?

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